Chapter 1619: “Dangers Under the Dark Night (6)”

    Chapter 1619: "Dangers Under the Dark Night (6)"

    Having underestimated the enemy too much, had caused the dark robed men to slip up very badly this time!

    Not even in their dreams would they have thought that this side mission they were thinking to complete easily would suddenly bring them into such a great crisis.

    "Who the ignorant ones are, all of you will very soon find out." Jun Wu Xie said with her eyes narrowed up, her body instantly morphing into a streak of light to charge straight at the group of dark robed men. And at almost the same instance, Qiao Chu and the others quickly followed behind, engaging the group of dark robed men in an open confrontation!

    Suddenly, twelve Purple Spirits were slugging it out in the not too wide corridor, the streaks of Purple Spirit energies crisscrossing and exploding in the air. The bursts of spirit energies shot out left deep cracks upon both sides of the walls along the corridor, the splitting sounds and crashes from spirit energy bursts resulting in a highly explosive cacophony!

    And what was stranger still was with such a raucous battle going on, not a single disciple throughout the entire loft building was shocked awake. With that almost earth moving and mountain shaking chaos, all the youths within every single room continued to sleep soundly like they had not detected anything, even when the crashes were enough to burst their eardrums, they did not show any signs of stirring.

    The dark robed men initially could not help but hold some suspicions towards the powers of Jun Wu and his gang of youths as from their perspective, how was it possible that in the entire Middle Realm, there would be so many Heaven Defying demons that were born in the same period?

    Able to breakthrough to the Purple Spirit before they turned twenty, and had even charged their way up to the third and fourth levels. Such a situation would not be seen in a hundred years but that astounding fact was happening right before their eyes. Towards such a situation that it was almost miraculous, the dark robed men still found it highly hard to believe. They were even thinking that all this could have been the result of their enemies having used some special method or technique, that allowed them to pretend to have such powers.

    But when the two sides really came to punches, the dark robed men were properly dizzied by their opponents. Qiao Chu and the others delivered their attacks speedily and were highly vicious, not inferior to them in anyway. And what made it a whole lot worse was the unbelievable viciousness these youths struck with, with every single move. The attacks of Qiao Chu and all the others were quick and delivered with precision, every single stroke lethal, aimed straight at the vitals of the dark robed men every single time. The terrifyingly chilling strikes forced the dark robed men to do everything they could to defend themselves, as the making slightest misstep and taking a hit, definitely inflict great damage on them if it did not take their lives.

    Such a insane attack on them, was something the group of dark robed men had not expected.

    The power displayed by these youths, were not something that people of their age should possess. They could not only perfectly use their spirit powers to the furthest extent, the moves varied and lethal, a battle style that completely put their lives at risk!

    The dark robed men did not know that Qiao Chu and the others had grown up in a different situation from normal children. They were all dug out from a mass grave by Yan Bu Gui and every single day that they lived, they had fought to train their cultivation with all their might, the blood vengeance they carried on their backs never allowing them to slack off in the slightest.

    In the Lower Realm, they had experienced one life threatening battle after another with their blood and they only needed to fall once in defeat and they would have to welcome the baptism by death.

    Living under such arduous conditions, the way they had been forced to become steeled and hardy, was something unimaginable by most people!

    Battling with a group of youths who lived their lives on their brink of death, the bunch of dark robed men were suddenly finding themselves at a disadvantage.

    And what made these dark robed men feel like vomiting blood the most was the youngest one of all, Jun Wu!
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