Chapter 1620: “Dangers Under the Dark Night (7)”

    Chapter 1620: "Dangers Under the Dark Night (7)"

    The one battling Jun Wu Xie, was the only fourth level Purple Spirit among the dark robed men, and he was also the most powerful one among them.

    But the circumstances he found himself in, was the worst among the entire group of dark robed men!

    The attacks of Qiao Chu and the others, no matter how craftily executed, was merely moves made with their spirit powers. But Jun Wu Xie's attacks really made people feel they were completely unfathomable and strange.

    The figure of Jun Wu Xie was highly fleeting like a wraith, seemingly standing right before her opponent, but when a strike was delivered onto it, it was found to be merely a remnant shadow and it was not known when she had moved, she was actually already behind the dark robed man's back to deliver a lightning quick strike!

    The dark robed man was consecutively ambushed by Jun Wu Xie several times which pushed his heart initially filled with false bravado to become highly flustered. The more he seeked to quickly kill Jun Wu, the more openings he presented to his opponent. And Jun Wu Xie's gaze had remained the same throughout, so calm that it was highly astounding. The disparity between the psyche of the two opponents, had seemingly already decided the result of this intense battle.

    The resounding clashes reverberated incessantly which completely shattered the tranquility within the loft building. Brilliant Purple Spirit glow flashed continuously which lit up the dimly lit corridor. Both sides of the walls were already tattered and torn by the repercussions of the battle, dust and broken rubble swirling in the air kicked up from the spirit power blasts tearing the place apart.

    Ye Sha and Ye Gu remained hidden within the darkness, observing everything that was going on.

    This was the first time that they were seeing Jun Wu Xie and her companions battling with people who possessed similar levels of powers as them. And this was the time that it made them see this group of youths that they knew in a completely different light.

    The few youths were stronger than they had thought. Qiao Chu and the others were looking like they had been born for battle, showing the ability to perfectly combine their spirit powers with experience, and apply it seamlessly to battle. Such a gift was not something that could be learnt or picked up with training.

    Seeing the several dark robed men being soundly defeated by Jun Wu Xie and her gang, Ye Sha and Ye Gu finally understood why Jun Wu Xie had not let them show themselves.

    Because it had been clear to Jun Wu Xie that this group of dark robed men were not a match for this team of youths.

    The great confidence she had, had been based entirely on pure valiant power!

    At that moment, Ye Sha and Ye Gu were no longer worried about Jun Wu Xie's safety but had instead begun to pity the group of dark robed men who had come bumbling in here unknowingly.

    They could just imagine how shocked the hearts of the dark robed men must have felt when they saw Jun Wu Xie display her power, and knew just how devastated they must have been once they went into battle.

    If not for the fact that they had personally witnessed the process how Jun Wu Xie and the others had gone from being weak towards such power today, even Ye Sha and Ye Gu would have found it unbelievable for these youths to be able to possess such heaven defying powers at such a young age.

    Seeing with their own eyes that the group of dark robed men were one sidedly being pummeled to almost vomiting blood, Ye Sha and Ye Gu went on to silently light candles in their hearts for the poor unfortunate men.

    [They can only blame it on themselves for trifling with the wrong people.]

    [This was no ordinary group of youths. They were a bunch of youths who had clawed their way out from Hell, all life gobbling demons!

    The kind of devilry they were capable of, was more than enough to instantly crumble the kind of confidence and arrogance a powerful pugilist would command!

    Just as the group of dark robed men were being tormented by Jun Wu Xie and the companions almost to death, on another side of the Cloudy Brook Academy, more than ten dark robed figures were zipping their way together, to come to the Cloudy Brook Academy's treasure vault.

    Under the dark night, they stood still outside the treasury, their eyes bright as they stared at their final destination.
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