Chapter 1621: “Dangers Under the Dark Night (8)”

    Chapter 1621: "Dangers Under the Dark Night (8)"

    Under the dark night, they stood still outside the treasury, their eyes bright as they stared at their final destination.

    In that instant that the dark robed men wanted to get closer to the Cloudy Brook Academy's treasury, a ray of silver spirit light flashed under the pale moonlight, drawing a silvery arc right before their feet that was like a new moon, instantly driving the dark robed men back!

    Bathed in the glow of the moon, a tall slender figure suddenly appeared outside the treasury!

    Su Ya stood elegantly under the moon, staring at the group of dark robed men with her chin slightly raised, her eyes filled with absolute arrogance and dominance!

    "Death to all intruders into the Cloudy Brook Academy." Her voice filled with chilling murder spilled out from Su Ya's mouth, the silvery glow emanating from her body matching the glow of the moon perfectly!

    The group of dark robed men recomposed themselves and then immediately released their spirit energies. Among a crowd of Purple Spirits, they were a few Silver Spirits mingled within them!

    Su Ya's powers were extremely powerful but among that group of dark robed men, there was no lack of pugilists who were similarly at the Silver Spirit level like her. Even if she could crush them in terms of spirit power level, but with such overwhelming numbers, the cirsumstances were nevertheless still not optimistic.

    But there wasn't the slightest trace of fear upon Su Ya's face. She stood like an arrogant queen among heroes, her piercing gaze still filled with highly chilling murder.

    "Little Ya, I had not thought that you are still so protective of our Cloudy Brook Academy, that really gratifies your Master's heart to see." Just at the moment that the battle was about to start, an old and gratified voice suddenly rang out from behind everyone.

    They saw only one hunchbacked little old man, both his hands held behind his back with his entire body even covered with soot and ash, looking really decrepit and sloppy as he slowly walked towards them in approach.

    Behind the little old man, Tian Ze followed closely. When he saw the group of dark robed men, his gaze turned cold.

    When Su Ya saw the figure of the little old man, her face showed a moment's surprise before she turned her face away in a show of tantrum.

    "Who would care to protect such a doggone academy. This woman is just worried that these bunch of trash here would come to harm my little disciple." Su Ya sneered, contrary to what her heart felt.

    "Little Ya, you're still being so strongheaded." The little old man shook his head helplessly, but his tone of voice was still highly indulgent.

    Su Ya folded her arms across her chest, turning her head to one side and pouted, refusing to say another word to the little old man.

    And being completely ignored, the faces of the people in the group of dark robed men turned a shade one uglier than the next. [Where had this worthless old man come from? That he was disregarding all of them so completely! ?]

    "Stupid old man! Do you want to die with this slut here?" One of the Silver Spirits spat venomously.

    The little old man turned his head to look at the Silver Spirit pugilist and his eyes were ablaze as he said in a tone tinged with displeasure: "When this old man is speaking with his disciple, I detest to be interrupted by others." Upon saying that, he suddenly raised up a hand, and waved it once in the direction of the Silver Spirit pugilist who had spoken.

    None of them knew what had happened, but when they came back to their senses, the extremely powerful Silver Spirit pugilist who had still been highly cocky just a moment before suddenly exploded to smithereens. The highly sudden explosion, caused sticky blood and blown up flesh to fly in all directions, immediately turning the people who had been standing close to that Silver Spirit pugilist into completely bloodied men from head to toe!

    A powerful Silver Spirit pugilist who held power on par to a Palace Lord of the Twelve Palaces, had actually been turned into ground meat from one lone strike by the little old man? That terrifying scene immediately sent chills running through the bodies of all the dark robed men!

    [What kind of terrifying power was this? That it could kill a powerful Silver Spirit in a second?]

    A bone biting chill crept into the heart of every single one of them, turning their body temperature almost to zero in an instant.
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