Chapter 1622: “Dangers Under the Dark Night (9)”

    Chapter 1622: "Dangers Under the Dark Night (9)"

    "Haiz, although this old man would really have liked to receive our "guests" from afar properly, but all of you had to insist on bullying this old man's disciple. With that, this old man would not be so friendly to talk to anymore." The little old man said with a sigh, like he regretted the circumstances very much.

    [He dared to call his Little Ya a slut?]

    [This entire group of people, no longer had any reason to live anymore.

    On that night, a bloody massacre commenced quietly. There was no intense battle, and there wasn't any clashing of spirit powers. Those dark robed men merely saw with their own eyes the little old man slowly take a step forward, and the hunchbacked figure shimmered slightly before their eyes. When that shimmering figure disappeared from sight, they all suddenly felt an aura so powerful they were finding it hard to breathe shrouding every single one of their hearts.

    All of a sudden, more than ten dark robed men including the several powerful Silver Spirits had before they could even utter a cry, exploded in an instant, blood and gore spraying everywhere, to stain the moon lit ground red!

    The spray of blood and gory flesh rained down in splatters, falling stickily onto the ground in countless loud splats.

    The brows of Su Ya and Tian Ze then creased up, as they looked at the little old man who stood with his hands behind his back under that rain of blood.

    [That one there was the one person that made both the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples have no choice but be wary!]

    [Their Master!]

    After executing an instantaneous kill of more than ten powerful pugilists, the little old man stepped through a path filled with blood stains and tiny shreds of flesh, to slowly walk towards Su Ya. His face still had that slightly mischievous smile hanging on it, his half narrowed eyes tinged with mirth as he looked dotingly at Su Ya.

    "Little Ya, don't be angry anymore. Your Master has avenged you. Come come come, you have not come out of that wine cellar for a long time. On this rare occasion that you came out today, will you accompany your Master for a drink or two?"

    Having just brewed a storm of blood filled massacre, the little old man had in the next instant reverted back to become a smiley and playful old man, extending an invitation to drink with his own disciple.

    However, Su Ya merely looked at the little old man's smiling face and her lips stiffened for a while before she finally said.

    "Better not, I'm tired." After saying that, Su Ya turned to leave, unwilling to speak with the little old man any longer.

    The little old man opened his mouth and could only stare at Su Ya's highly determined back, his eyes could not help but show a tinge of despondency and helplessness.

    "Haiz." The little old man sighed deeply, not showing the tyrannical air of having massacred all the enemies, nor the slightest glee, but was instead looking rather desolate. He lowered his head slightly and left while sighing, his back awashed with the moon's pale light making one feel only pity to look at it.

    Tian Ze looked on helplessly at his Master and Senior. [How many years had this situation gone on for already?]

    [With that incident in the past, Senior still has not unraveled the knot within her heart.]

    [In his Master heart, he should be wishing so much that he would be able to reconcile with Senior right?]

    "Little Tian." The little old man who had walked about ten steps ahead suddenly stopped in his tracks.

    Tian Ze's eyes suddenly turned stern. The little old man like this always made him feel rather pitiful.

    The little old man turned his head back to look at Tian Ze.

    "Before daybreak, get this place cleaned up so we don't scare the kids. Your Master is going back to rest first." upon saying that, the little old man then turned his head back and went walking away.

    Tian Ze immediately felt as if he had been struck by lightning.

    [This was too damned great a disparity in treatment wasn't it! ?]

    [Senior is your disciple and I am also your disciple. But why do you always dump all the dirty and tiring tasks onto me! ?]

    Tian Ze was suddenly regretting the ounce of pity he had felt for the little old man earlier.

    He should be the one getting pitied you know! ?
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