Chapter 1623: “Dangers Under the Dark Night (10)”

    Chapter 1623: "Dangers Under the Dark Night (10)"

    In the dormitory for the freshmen, the thick stench of blood lingered in the corridor.

    Six dark robed men were now lying barely breathing upon the ground. Not even in their dreams would they have thought that a day would come where they would be defeated by a bunch of youths who still had not weaned off milk. What made it even more blood vomiting inducing was that they had been defeated without even being able to retaliate at all.

    Although Qiao Chu and the others were marked with quite a few wounds as well, but compared with the state the dark robed men were in, they were in way much better circumstances. Moreover, with Jun Wu Xie concocting elixirs for them these wounds to the companions, were not even worth mentioning.

    "Tsk, I had thought how long these guys would be able to hold their mouths but they had confessed to everything after just a couple of rounds!" Qiao Chu said as he rubbed at his chin, his gaze looking at one of the dark robed men.

    That dark robed man had been the fourth level Purple Spirit whom battled Jun Wu Xie. A Purple Spirit at the fourth level would definitely be an Elder just below the Palace Lord but now, such a powerful pugilist had been reduced to a state where people would not be able to look at him squarely, as his limbs had been twisted up in weird angles, the joints all covered in purple and blue bruises.

    Those eyes of his had swollen up to look like a goldfish's, and the wounds upon his body were bleeding with dark tainted blood.

    The other severely injured dark robed men were curled up together on the side, their bodies shaking. They had really been frightened out of their wits by what had happened earlier. Who would have thought that with just one elixir, it would be able to make a fourth level Purple Spirit taste a fate so much worse than death itself?

    They had seen with their own eyes Jun Wu feeding that man with an elixir and Jun Wu had done nothing else after that. That man's joints had then given out highly crisp cracks, where his joints had been forcibly snapped off, to lose all control over his bones and become completely helpless but to lie limply upon the ground while groaning in agony.

    That kind of inhuman pain, was chilling enough just to watch.

    They would rather die, than to have to experience such unimaginable torment!

    "We've almost asked everything we should have asked. Let's not waste any more time as the skies will brighten soon." Fan Zhuo said as he looked at the skies outside the window and saw that the horizon was gradually lightening. They had battled for quite a long while this night and they had gotten quite a bit of information from the dark robed men. It should be enough.

    "Alright. Should I end their misery quickly?" Qiao Chu asked as he squatted down to look at them, cracking his knuckles loudly. But he did not make any moves as he wished but instead swung his gaze over to look at Jun Wu Xie, seemingly asking for Jun Wu Xie's opinion.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at the group of dark robed who had been scared out of their wits. From the mouth of the leader among them, she had gathered that the men had indeed been sent here by Gu Ying. But there was one point that Jun Wu Xie felt to be highly suspicious. No matter how she hard she interrogated them about the origins of the group of dark robed men, she was not able to gain any conclusion. They had either clenched their jaws to refuse to speak, or they seemed to genuinely not know where they had come from. The only thing they knew was the objective they had come here for.

    Looking at the skies outside, Jun Wu Xie knew that she could not drag on much longer. Before these dark robed men had arrived, she had used some special medicine to send all the youth into an unwakeable sleep. Now that the effects of the drug was fading off, everyone would soon wake up in shock under the strong stench of blood.

    She wouldn't want her own identity to be exposed at this juncture.

    "Don't kill them first, I still have some use for them." An idea suddenly came into Jun Wu Xie's mind. This bunch of dark robed men were undoubtedly doomed, but she felt that their deaths could be carried out in a different manner or method.

    It could be considered as a "reciprocal gift" for someone."
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