Chapter 1624: “Reciprocal Gift (1)”

    Chapter 1624: "Reciprocal Gift (1)"

    When the first rays of sunlight spilled onto the ground, driving away the silence of night, the birds sang shrilly upon the branches and the temperature began to rise once more.

    The youths in the Cloudy Brook Academy awoke from their dreams, and it was a little different from previous mornings, feeling that they had slept more soundly than before as they got out from bed, all prepared for a new day's cultivation training. But those youths could faintly detect a strange scent permeating through the air and that scent smelled completely like the stench of blood.

    Many of the youths opened their doors with trepidation as they gazed around towards the source of the scent.

    Lin Hao Yu was feeling especially refreshed when he woke up, the exhaustion and torment he had been under over this period had caused him to be unable to sleep so soundly for a long time, an uninterrupted dreamless sleep till daybreak, which alleviated the depression he had been in for awhile by quite a bit. He made his bed and Lin Hao Yu then stood before his bronze mirror to check his dress, feeling highly satisfied with how he looked. He tugged at the corners of his clothes to straighten them out and after thinking he looked just perfect, he then went to the door and stretched his hand out to open it.

    But in the instant that he opened the door, Lin Hao Yu was stunned. He saw a dense crowd of people surrounding just outside his door, everyone of their eyes filled with terror.

    Lin Hao Yu creased up his brows slightly, not knowing why these people have crowded up outside his room's door so early in the morning.

    Before he could open his mouth to drive them away, a thick stench of blood suddenly shot up his nose. Lin Hao Yu subconsciously lowered his head and on the ground right before his door where everyone was backing away from, he saw a pile of gory bloody flesh!

    The blood had already dried up a little as they stuck to the bits of torn and shredded flesh of unknown origin, piled up in layers like a little hill, blocking up the front of his door. The blood and gore staring at him right in his face immediately turned Lin Hao Yu's face white!

    It was not just the floor, as even his door was splashed with blood, a scarlet red.

    At that moment, Lin Hao Yu was frightened so badly that his teeth began to chatter. Although his life had not been smooth sailing over the recent period but he still had never seen such a gory sight with so much blood before!

    That sight of that huge pile of bloody flesh, made his head hum incessantly, where he did not even dare to imagine what that pile actually was exactly!

    What else could be more terrifying than seeing such a pile right at your doorstep bright and early in the morning?

    Was this a threat? Was it just to terrorize him? Or could this be a warning?

    Lin Hao Yu had just woken up but he was feeling like he was trapped within a pitch black winter's night where he could not see his hands before his face, the temperature in his body being sucked out of him completely, causing him to shake and tremble violently.

    The faces of the youths surrounding the place were looking just as ugly in shade, feeling eternally grateful that that pile was not in front of their door but in front of Lin Hao Yu's, where it was obvious to see that the person who dumped this pile here was only targeting Lin Hao Yu!

    Everyone could not help but secretly guess in their hearts, just who could have been responsible for this?

    Wouldn't this mean that someone was after Lin Hao Yu's life?

    The same big question hovered within the minds of everyone there and the gazes directed upon Lin Hao Yu became strange. Even the disciples of the Blood Fiend Palace subconsciously took a few steps back, deeply afraid that they might be dragged into the trouble.

    Although Lin Hao Yu was the grandson of an Elder in the Blood Fiend Palace, but he had obviously offended someone extraordinary. Who knew how powerful the enemy must be to be able to carry out such atrocities within the Cloudy Brook Academy?

    Their future might be important to them, but their very own lives was even more important!

    The youths who had usually stuck closely around Lin Hao Yu were now all secretly telling themselves that they must temporarily draw clear lines with Lin Hao Yu for now.
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