Chapter 1625: “Reciprocal Gift (2)”

    Chapter 1625: "Reciprocal Gift (2)"

    The shade on Lin Hao Yu's face became uglier and uglier as the whisperings of the surrounding crowd of youths made his heart grow weak, and his gaze appears highly panicked and flustered as he looked at the youths around him. Within the many pairs of distant eyes filled with all kinds of suspicions, Lin Hao Yu attempted to find the culprit, but ended up feeling everyone was suspect.

    That pile of bloody flesh, had been like a rope, a noose around his neck that made it hard for him to breathe.

    [Was it the Flame Demons Palace's Qiao Chu?]

    [Or was it someone from another palace?]

    [Are they seeking to kill him?]


    [He didn't want to die.....]

    Under the high anxiety and the intense beating his nerves were taking, Lin Hao Yu's eyes suddenly rolled back in his head, to fall into a dead faint. And for the poor unfortunate Lin Hao Yu, at the moment that his body fell, not a single youth surrounding him then dared to go up to hold him up, but allowed his body to fall straight forward, right onto the pile of bloody flesh with a splat. A great splatter of the blood and gore flew right onto several youths who were standing a little closer, covering them with the disgusting gore, immediately eliciting a series of screams.

    Among all that chaos, a tiny little figure walked past silently, looking through the gaps within the crowd, to see Lin Hao Yu collapsed in a dead faint within that pile of blood and gore.

    Last night, after Jun Wu Xie and her companions subdued the group of dark robed men, she had come to know everything from the mouths of the dark robed men. She had met Gu Ying before and she had also guessed that Gu Ying might be suspicious of her identity. But Gu Ying must have paid her notice only because of Lin Hao Yu's urging.

    Considering the fact that Lin Hao Yu had "taken good care" of her so many times ever since she came to the Cloudy Brook Academy, Jun Wu Xie thought she should really reciprocate and send him a "gift" in return. The might of the Face of Sylvan was enough to tear those few Purple Spirit pugilists to complete shreds and those powerful Purple Spirits pugilists whom people revered and pursued incessantly had now ended up as a pile of ground meat before Lin Hao Yu's door. As for what that pile of flesh had actually been before and what they had originated from, who could possibly know?

    After having admired Lin Hao Yu's reaction to her "gift, Jun Wu Xie then passed the crowd unhurriedly, to make her way towards the Spirit Mastery faculty, calm and composed like nothing had ever happened.

    Lin Hao Yu fell ill, ill for no rhyme or reason, and it had happened very suddenly.

    After having been greatly frightened by that pile of bloody flesh in the morning and then falling face flat into it, he was carried away under the orders of Gu Xin Yan whom people had rushed to bring over, and he had fallen ill. Or it should be said..... he lost his mind instead.

    Lin Hao Yu fell so ill that he could not even get out of bed, his body at one moment cold and the next moment hot. He was delirious and his mouth just uttered strange things intermittently. Even when Gu Xin Yan wanted to ask him a little about it, he would suddenly start shouting and screaming indiscriminately, to cower in the corner of his bed as he shook and trembled.

    When Lin Hao Yu had just come into the Cloudy Brook Academy, he had been highly spirited and full of mettle. But what he came to encounter after was endless terror and fear, having been repeatedly beaten to a pulp by Qiao Chu, and then frightened completely out of his wits by the events today. It caused him to just suddenly snap and truly went mad.

    He would never in his dreams ever have thought that he would come to such a sorry end.

    Gu Xin Yan was completely helpless against Lin Hao Yu's condition and even after having asked the Cloudy Brook Academy's teachers from the Medical faculty to treat him, it had been to no effect. Hence, she could only leave him with his insanity as he hid inside his room, refusing to come out.

    Left with no other choice, Gu Xin Yan had to write a letter to the Blood Fiend Palace, to ask for someone to come bring Lin Hao Yu back for treatment .

    Towards Lin Hao Yu's situation, the Cloudy Brook Academy did not make things difficult and quickly agreed to release the disciple for him to return home.

    But they would need to erase Lin Hao Yu's identity as a disciple of the Cloudy Brook Academy.

    Afterall, with the condition that Lin Hao Yu was in, he would no longer be able to continue any cultivation training within the Cloudy Brook Academy anymore.
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