Chapter 1626: “Mischievous Old Man (1)”

    Chapter 1626: "Mischievous Old Man (1)"

    That night's bloody battle, had not seemed to have left any mark on the Cloudy Brook Academy. Besides knowing that Lin Hao Yu had lost his mind, their people did not know of anything else. After a period of heated debate, the youths then all fell back into their regular pace of life in there, continuing to learn and cultivate, working towards their goal.

    And Jun Wu Xie cultivated as she had been doing at the Spirit Mastery faculty, receiving instruction from Su Ya.

    Su Ya's emotional state seemed to be a little distraught, her person having been a little more indolent. Although she still drank herself tipsy every day, but she spoke quite a lot less, most of time contented enough to hole herself up within the wine cellar to nap instead.

    Jun Wu Xie did not dare to ask her about it and could just proceed with her cultivation on her own.

    Jun Wu Xie was very much used to cultivating quietly and peacefully like this, but someone just had to come shatter that tranquility she was enjoying.

    It was just past noon and Jun Wu Xie had just finished lunch. She was about to go continue with her cultivation training when a figure stood conspicuously within the Spirit Mastery faculty.

    "Hey! Little one! I'm here again!" The little old man was all smiles as his highly eager eyes looked at Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie's steps suddenly halted.

    [What was this fella doing here again! ?]

    Having thought that she had successfully gotten rid of the little old man, Jun Wu Xie suddenly felt a headache coming on in her head when she saw the little old man.

    Truth to be told, she really wasn't good in communicating with a little old man whose mind wasn't working that well.

    Especially when the other party was so eagerly desiring to milk for more medical knowledge from her.

    Jun Wu Xie's steps faltered only for a slight moment before she reverted back to normal, merely giving the little old man just one glance but not saying a single word.

    The little old man however seemed to have gotten used to Jun Wu Xie's chilly demeanor and was absolutely beaming happily on his own as he came over in approach with a laugh, with a medicine bottle clasped in his hand.

    "Heh heh. Little one, the thing you gave me before is really great. I have just successfully concocted this medicine and I have immediately brought it here for you to see it. Hurry up and help me see whether it is just so perfect?" The little old man completely ignored Jun Wu Xie's reaction but had instead shoved the bottle of medicine straight into Jun Wu Xie's hand, his mouth continuing to praise his "outstanding achievement" incessantly.

    Jun Wu Xie was speechless as she stared at the absolutely gleeful little old man. She had already detailed every single step required in concocting that medicine on those pieces of parchment and basically anyone who could read and follow those instructions would not have any problem completing it. Hence, she did not think that this was anything to be proud of at all.

    But seeing the highly fervent eyes of the little old man, Jun Wu Xie felt that if she did not say something, the little old man would not spare her from this.

    Left with no choice, Jun Wu Xie could only make herself open up the bottle of medicine, and pretend to take a whiff.

    There wasn't much of a problem with the quality of the medicine, it was as it should be.

    "Adequate." Jun Wu Xie said in a disinterested tone.

    But that one highly mediocre word of assessment from her caused the little old man's face to shine with absolute delight. He took the medicine bottle from Jun Wu Xie's hand and his hands did not know he should hold that highly precious bottle as his face just beamed with smiles, the corners of his mouth almost reaching his ears.

    "I've said it before! How could I possibly be unable to concoct this absolutely perfect medicine! And I've really done it! I am really humbled by the kind of prodigious talent I have been blessed with..... I have merely taken three tries and I have already succeeded! !" The little old man's voice was filled with pride.

    But Jun Wu Xie almost vomited out a mouthful of blood!

    [Three times!]

    She had already written down every single step in such great detail that even a child would be able to succeed at concocting it! And this little old man had needed three tries before he was able to succeed.....
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