Chapter 1627: “Mischievous Old Man (2)”

    Chapter 1627: "Mischievous Old Man (2)"

    Jun Wu Xie could be said to have completely given up all hope on the little old man.

    With such a lack of aptitude, it was better that he distanced himself from practicing any form of Medicine.

    Jun Wu Xie heart was almost crumbling but the little old man did not seem to think that there was any problem as he carefully cradled the medicine bottle in his hand in glee, and his mouth continued to prattle on with unabashed praise for himself, unrestrained and unbridled, like the success of having concocting this one lone bottle of medicine, was enough to elevate him to the very pinnacle of his life, his ability eradicating all need for physicians, like his existence was equal to a unparalleled miracle doctor.

    Just as the little old man was going on and on singing high praise of himself, a deep low voice suddenly rang out. "I had thought why I could not find you anywhere. So you have come to Little Ya's place to disturb her peace. What? You're not afraid that Little Ya would throw you out?"

    In the instant that the voice sounded, the smile on the little old man's face stiffened slightly. Jun Wu Xie turned to look in the direction the voice had sounded from and saw a white haired old man standing at the door, his face showing the benign smile that a proper elderly person should be exhibiting.

    The eyes of that elderly man were clear, his countenance eminently outstanding. It was not difficult to see the peerless magnificence he must have possessed in his younger days as even when he was now wizened with a head full of white hair, it did not diminish his outstanding looks in the slightest.

    "You old thing! When did you come here! ?" The little old man immediately blustered and glared, his beard bristling upon seeing the elderly man, his face showing utter contempt.

    The elderly man was however still good naturedly showing a steady smile upon his face towards the little old man's discourteous reaction.

    "Haven't seen you for so long and this is how you welcome an old friend?"

    The little old man curled the edges of his mouth and said huffily: "Don't come act so friendly here. I am not on such familiar terms with you! Go back to where you come from! Do you believe that I will get someone to throw you out now! ?"

    The elderly man could not help but laugh as he shook his head, not taking to heart the little old man's words in the slightest.

    "Of course I will believe that. But do you really think it appropriate to make things difficult for the juniors like this? They have to listen to you and they also wouldn't dare to chase me out. Is there a need?"

    "If you don't want them to be caught in a difficult position then you can just get out of here on your own! No one's asking you to stay." The little old man said rudely.

    Jun Wu Xie stood quietly by the side as she watched the two highly different old men happily squabbling. All the hair on both their heads had already turned white and grey but they were still fighting furiously like two little kids. Jun Wu Xie was just speechless.

    Towards the little old man's repeated orders for him to leave, the elderly man had very naturally chosen to ignore. But his gaze then quickly turned upon Jun Wu Xie, his eyes tinged with puzzlement and smiles.

    "This little kid brother has a highly unfamiliar face. I haven't seen you around before."

    The little old man immediately came to stand before Jun Wu, blocking him off from the elderly man as he waved his arms to say: "Go go go! Don't start having any ideas on this little kid! He is Little Ya's disciple. If you come to offend this little kid, Little Ya will then come deal with you!"

    Surprise showed on the elderly man's face. He did not bother himself with the little old man's incessant pestering but continued to look at Jun Wu Xie as he asked: "Are you really Su Ya's disciple?"

    Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly.

    The surprise did not leave the elderly man's eyes.

    "I really wouldn't have thought that Little Ya will accept another disciple. I had thought that after that incident back then, she would no longer accept another disciple again."

    "That depends on who it is! This little kid possesses exceptional talent, and he has a honest and considerate personality. A very rare and remarkable talent. Little Ya wouldn't give up on such an outstanding disciple." The little old man snorted disdainfully.

    Jun Wu Xie rubbed at her nose secretly. She would admit to possessing exceptional talent, but as for having an honest and considerate personality..... she felt that she had no connection with these words at all in this life and she did not know from where the little old man had gotten his confidence from to be able to praise her like she was some kind of deity.
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