Chapter 1628: “Mischievous Old Man (3)”

    Chapter 1628: "Mischievous Old Man (3)"

    Being praised to the skies with such impudicity, Jun Wu Xie really wasn't too used to it.

    But the little old man really wasn't bothered whether Jun Wu Xie was used to it or not, looking like he was unwilling to let the elderly man take another glance at Jun Wu by standing right before the kid to block the elderly man. But as he was born short and cursed with his little stature, even when he stood before the tiny Jun Wu, his head merely reached the tip of Jun Wu's nose.....

    Jun Wu Xie's line of sight remained completely unhindered.

    "Why are you being so agitated for? Don't tell me you are afraid that I will snatch Little Ya's disciple?" The elderly old man laughed rather helplessly against the little old man's nervousness.

    The little old man said: "If you dare to snatch him, Little Ya will surely pull your beard off. See if you still dare to do it."

    Jun Wu Xie was speechless as she looked up into the sky. The two old men looked to be of rather similar age but why did the feeling they each gave people differed so much? Compared to the elderly old man, the little old man was acting highly wilfully like a child.

    "Alright, I don't want to squabble with you anymore. It's been so many years and you're temperament still has not changed at all. If you continue being like this, whether Little Ya pulls my beard off or not, I wouldn't know, but what I can be sure of it she will definitely not forgive you. I am thinking that you are here now because Little Ya is not here at the moment? Otherwise, with the way she feels towards you, she would have already blasted you out of this place." The elderly old man said with a sigh.

    The little old man wanted to retort, but with his conscience feeling rather guilty, he just pouted his mouth and was unable to say anything.

    [Su Ya was not around?]

    When Jun Wu Xie heard the elderly old man's words, she was slightly surprised. She had thought that Su Ya would have been in the wine cellar resting but the elderly old man's words had awoken her to this fact.

    Although she had seen with her own eyes Su Ya going into the underground cellar, but that did not mean that there wasn't any secret passage in the underground cellar, and she could not be certain that Su Ya had not left the place while she had gone up to the third floor. The few times that the little old man had come, he had been rather noisy but Su Ya had not appear. With the powers Su Ya possessed, it was impossible that she was unable to detect the little old man's arrival. Reassessing the situation anew, Su Ya might really not be in the Spirit Mastery faculty at all.

    But if Su Ya was not in the Spirit Mastery faculty, then where could she have gone?

    "I came to find you because I have something serious to talk to you about. You should restrain your fiery temper a little." The elderly old man said.

    The little old man was still looking highly infuriated but he still seemed to have accepted the elderly old man's suggestion as he dawdled slowly to put the bottle of medicine carefully into his robes.

    "You still have not given up? I've already said that you are not suited to pursue Medicine." The elderly old man said as his sharp eyes spotted the medicine bottle in the little old man's hand.

    The little old man immediately exploded in fury.

    "What do you mean by not suited! ? These words of yours are not pleasing to hear at all! The problem with that does not lie with me at all! The problem stems from all of you! It's because all of you do not know how to teach and instruct properly! This bottle of medicine came out perfect! Look at it if you don't believe me." What the little old man was unable to tolerate the most, was when someone doubted his "ability" in Medicine!

    Upon saying that, the little old man then shoved the bottle of medicine he held in his hand over to the elderly old man.

    The elderly old man took it and had absolutely no intention of opening it at all. But when he saw how stubborn the little old man was being, he had no choice but to open the bottle to casually glance at it.

    And that one single quick glance was enough to shock the elderly old man.

    The medicine was actually perfectly normal!

    With the little old man's aptitude in Medicine, not turning a tonic into poison was already a miracle by itself and this bottle of medicine was even not too badly concocted! Although not exactly considered perfect, but it was at least done without any mistakes, which was just completely impossible for the little old man to achieve.

    The shock upon the elderly old man's face greatly delighted the little old man, the glee that had just faded away immediately rising once more onto his face.
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