Chapter 1629: “Mischievous Old Man (4)”

    Chapter 1629: "Mischievous Old Man (4)"

    "How is it? Not bad right? I did that with my own hands and Little Tian can be my witness." The little old man said proudly with his chin tilted up, an expression of "I'm the absolute best" on his face.

    The elderly old man stared at the medicine and then turned to look at the old man, his face twisted up in disbelief.

    "Whatever you say, Little Tian would naturally not dare contradict."

    The little old man was then infuriated once again. "Nonsense! This medicine was concocted by me! If you do not believe me, I can concoct it once more to show you!" As he spoke, the little old man started scrambling to dig for something within his robes. After a while, he carefully took out a brocade bag, and then gingerly pulled out two crumpled pieces of paper from it.

    If Jun Wu Xie's eyes had not seen it wrongly, those two scraps of paper should be what she had used to get rid of the little old man, but..... they had now become so crumpled that they were no different from toilet paper.

    "See here! This is the prescription! This here details the method to concoct it! See how detailed people have recorded it!" The little old man exclaimed as he triumphantly waved the two pieces of crumpled parchment before the elderly old man.

    The elderly old man quickly swept his eyes over them and he did not see anything exceptional at first. But when he realized that they were filled with highly detailed steps to concoct the medicine, his face immediately contorted with pure astoundment!

    "Where did this thing come from! ?" The elderly old man shouted in surprise as he snatched the pieces of parchment with written full with the steps to be taken to concoct the medicine.

    The little old man pointed with his thumb right behind him and said: "Little Ya's disciple gave it to me. What? You are unable to produce such work right? This here is the little fella's most prized heirloom of their tribe! It's not something that outsiders are able to see. If it wasn't to show you how stupid you are, I wouldn't have wanted to show it to you!"

    Jun Wu Xie stood silently in her spot. Fortunately, that had been something she had casually compiled easily. If it had truly been some prized treasure, having the little old man revealing it to people for such a hilarious reason would really make her want to cry.

    The elderly man's eyes then looked more strange.

    His eyes made Jun Wu Xie start to recall whether she might have made a mistake when she compiled it.

    In actual fact, that had been written out in a hurry and as Jun Wu Xie only wanted to be rid of the little old man, she had not wanted to spend too much time to put it together. Moreover, that medicine was not something that extraordinary and she had not paid it much mind.

    But if it was carefully analysed, there were some parts in it that would not really make sense. The little old man did not know all that much about medicine and hence, would not discover anything wrong with it. But if it was someone who was well versed in medicine concoction, they might be able to detect what was so strange about it with just one glance.

    Having to write down the steps in such great detail, it would be an extremely draining task to a regular person, and the kind of drain that called for, had been employed upon a prescription that was not considered to be highly prized. That brought about a gaping and obvious lapse of sense in the whole thing. Moreover, though the kind of detail that was provided by those steps were rare to see, but for that unbelievable amount of work to be used upon a medicine that was not that precious, comparing these two points together, the value of just the details in those steps portrayed was much higher.

    All of these factors had not been considered by Jun Wu Xie at that time but merely that the only kind of medicine she had revealed before the little old man was just that one type. If she had changed it to another kind, she would surely be pestered endlessly. Only seeking to rid herself of the little old man quickly, she had naturally not thought too deeply into it.

    This could very well be the first time since Jun Wu Xie's rebirth, when she had executed a plan without thinking deeply into it.

    As a result.....

    That moment of laziness, had brought her this little "trouble".

    The little old man stared at Jun Wu Xie for a long while and Jun Wu Xie showed complete calm on the surface, rendering the elderly old man to be unable to find anything amiss in the slightest. But it was the little old man who was instead displeased.

    "What are you even staring at! ? I've already said that this is Little Ya's disciple and you had better not have any stray thoughts! Give my things back to me!" The little old man snapped, snatching the pieces of parchment back.
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