Chapter 1630: “Bai Xu (1)”

    Chapter 1630: "Bai Xu (1)"

    The elderly old man ignored the little old man but continued to look at Jun Wu Xie to suddenly ask: "Little brother, that thing might not really have been a prized heirloom of your tribe, is it?"

    The elderly old man's question made Jun Wu Xie pause for a moment in her heart.

    The little old man was similarly frozen.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at the elderly old man and did not say a word. She knew that the elderly old man must have sensed something was not right to have asked such a question.

    "Little brother, there's no need to be nervous. I hold no ill intentions against you. You are Little Ya's disciple and I will naturally not make things difficult for you. I merely want to ask you if you know who wrote this thing here." The elderly old man said, trying to make his voice become more gentle. Jun Wu Xie looked to be of a young age and she was also petite in size. He really did not want to scare her.

    "What do you want to do?" Jun Wu Xie's words had seemingly admitted to the elderly old man's suspicions.

    The little old man's eyes flared wide.

    [This really wasn't the tribe's priceless heirloom as Jun Wu had claimed?]

    The elderly old man's smile became warmer. "I merely seek to meet the one who possesses such a gift. Truth to be told, I am similarly just a little skilled in the field of Medicine and am capable of concocting medicines as well. But if I am asked to write down the steps required in such great detail, it would be entirely impossible for me. Concocting medicines is mostly based on how familiar the Medical Cultivator is with the process, their control of the fire and their grasp on the required timing, a kind of habit that is extremely hard to put down in words. Hence, even if we are able to concoct medicines perfectly, we are all unable to fully replicate the method upon another person. But the person who compiled this was able to. He was able to clearly and accurately reflect and depict the details of the habits hidden within his awareness, which clearly shows that the concoction process to him, is not longer just a habit, but carried out with highly precise confidence."

    The quantities of herbs could be controlled, the timing could also be controlled, and even the fire's intensity was the same. But with the exception of the quantities of the herbs that were to be used, when you combine the timing with the intensity of fire to be controlled at the same time, it brought about many other variables into the entire process. Even for someone who frequently concocted medicines, it would be impossible for him to repeat the process within a static pattern, as nobody would be able to ensure that there would be no deviations within the process. But depicted in those steps, were recorded clearly all possible deviations that could occur in detail, and they were conducted based on specific and precise stages of progress.

    It was data compiled in such minute detail, that it was just terrifying.

    It was like, the things that could be perceived by a whole group of people, had been clearly compiled by this one person, things that others could only see hazily, could be perceived in great detail by him, without missing a single thing.

    The kind of capability the little old man possessed in Medicine could not be any clearer to the elderly old man. If the kind of aptitude the little old man had could also use the step by step guide to concoct medicine perfectly like this, that was enough to tell him just how accurate the prescription really was.

    Jun Wu Xie listened to the elderly old man's words silently. For the elderly old man to be able to detect that something did not fully make sense in the detailed steps depicted within her prescription, he could not just merely be someone like he claimed, a person who had just a little skill in Medicine.

    The little old man saw that the situation did not feel right and though he had squabbled with the elderly old man for so long, at that moment, he still opened his mouth to help by saying: "Little one, do not judge this old fellow here just because he does not look like a good person, but he possesses quite great abilities in Medicine. He is the Middle Realm's one and only Medical Saint, Bai Xu. If you know anything, then just tell him. I guarantee that he will not do anything inappropriate. He is just an idiot who is crazy about all things Medicine.

    Medical Saint Bai Yu?

    Jun Wu Xie was surprised. This was the second time she had heard this name. The little old man had mentioned Bai Xu when he saw the step by step guide.
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