Chapter 1631: “Bai Xu (2)”

    Chapter 1631: "Bai Xu (2)"

    The Medical Saint Bai Xu. The first time that the little old man had mentioned him, Jun Wu Xie had asked Ye Sha and Ye Gu about him, though..... she had not harboured much hope when she asked, as Ye Sha and Ye Gu had not come back to the Middle Realm for a thousand years already.

    But she was surprised to find out that Ye Sha and Ye Gu had actually heard of Bai Xu before.

    Before the time that they had left the Middle Realm, Bai Xu was already widely known.

    Bai Xu did not belong to any one power and maintained absolute independence. His skills in Medicine was perceived to be the most prodigious throughout the entire Middle Realm and even though he did not submit himself to anyone, no one dared to offend him as no matter how powerful a man was, one would eventually not be able to escape the torment and agony of illness. No one could be absolutely certain that they themselves would not require the helping hand of the Medical Saint one day.

    Hence, in the Middle Realm, Bai Xu was accorded a high status and even the Nine Temples and the Twelve Palaces were highly courteous towards him.

    Only the Four Sides and the Dark Regions did not require the skills of a "physician" and they were highly indifferent with Bai Xu but neither did they make things difficult for Bai Xu as well.

    Back in the day when the Dark Emperor unified the entire Middle Realm, he reigned over the Four Sides, Nine Temples and the Twelve Palaces but that did not extend to individual persons.

    Bai Xu was usually like the fleeting clouds and wild geese, never with a fixed abode. If one had a need to request for his help, he would need to go to his residence and write down the details on a letter to hand over to the white cranes that Bai Xu kept. The white cranes would then send the letter into the hands of Bai Xu but whether he chose to answer the request was based purely only on Bai Xu's whim.

    Jun Wu Xie fully understood the kind of status a person with unsurpassed skills in Medicine was able to enjoy.

    Back when she had been dragged into the organization, she had also made several strict and harsh demands but the person who linked up with her had still agreed to every one of her demands.

    They had been so generous only because of the skills in Medicine she possessed that were unparalleled, a situation not all that highly different to Bai Xu's.

    After Jun Wu Xie was reborn, among all the persons in the same profession she had encountered, not many of them was able to gain her notice and the lone one who had been able to just make the mark would only be Mu Chen alone. But the appearance of Bai Yu now had instead made Jun Wu Xie acknowledge his skills immediately.

    Not because of his fame as the Medical Saint, but because he had been able to sense something amiss between the detailed steps in the prescription she had written hastily.

    Such astuteness was not what any regular physician could possibly possess and one must have undergone a great number of trials and countless setbacks before one knew the most crucial points in medicine concoction to be able to detect it.

    "I am Bai Xu but I am not any Medical Saint. That is just an vain and empty name people gave. But there are things he said correctly of me as well.  I am just a fool who is infatuated with knowledge in Medicine. I wonder if our little brother here will be willing to lend a hand by giving me the privilege of knowing who is the owner of this?" Bai Xu said humbly. Fame, to him was like smoke passing over his eyes. What he pursued with all his heart was just the pinnacle of medical knowledge and nothing else.

    Bai Xu's eyes were highly sincere.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Bai Xu's sincere gaze and said coldly: "I need to go continue with my cultivation training already."

    Upon saying that, Jun Wu Xie immediately turned herself around, leaving behind her the little old man's and Bai Xu's surprised stares as she walked on her own towards the stairs like she had not heard what Bai Xu had said at all.

    Bai Xu was visibly stunned for a moment. Although he did not care about fame, but ever since he became famous, Jun Wu Xie was the first one whom after knowing his identity as the Medical Saint, had not only not tried to win his favour, but had completely disregarded him instead.

    That kind of a feeling made Bai Xu feel a little unused to it.

    He had not seeked to use his identity to ask for anything.


    [Little fella, you shouldn't snub people so completely to walk away with just a single turn of your back! !]

    The self confidence that Bai Xu had built up over so many years was crushed to a crumble by a single indifferent turn of Jun Wu Xie's back.
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