Chapter 1632: “Bai Xu (3)”

    Chapter 1632: "Bai Xu (3)"

    The little old man saw Bai Xu being snubbed so completely and his face was all a snigger with laughter. Even Jun Wu's usual silent treatment towards him had now seemed highly "passionate" as at the very least, Jun Wu had not turned away and walked off right after he spoke right?

    "Old Bai, I think your title as the Medical Saint isn't all that much you know? This grand-disciple of mine doesn't seem to care much about it at all." The little old man said gloatingly.

    Bai Xu shook his head helplessly. This was the first time that someone had snubbed him in the face so completely .

    "Alright, we should be dealing with the more serious issues. You mentioned before that someone attempted to sneak into the treasure vault. Has that thing been discovered already?" Bai Xu asked, his face turning serious.

    The smile on the little old man's face faded a little and his eyes became a little more stern as well.

    "Exactly who sent them is still not clear but since they have come, they must have known that the thing could possibly be in my Cloudy Brook Academy. Haiz..... although we managed to deal with it this time, but as long as those people hold information of this, my leisurely days here would surely come to an soon." The little old man could not help but sigh a long sigh.

    "Continuing to leave the thing here would be too dangerous. I came to find you this time because I wanted to ask you whether we can shift that thing." Bai Yu said.

    The little old man was silent for a moment. "That isn't exactly impossible but the days ahead for the Cloudy Brook Academy isn't going to be peaceful. I am thinking I should quickly get all the little runts to get their behinds out of here and be done with it."

    Bai Xu patted the little old man on the shoulder.

    The two old men who had been squabbling all this while then walked shoulder to shoulder, walking slowly out of the Spirit Mastery faculty.

    Jun Wu Xie's cultivation training still continued. After the initial instructions Su Ya gave in the beginning, she threw Jun Wu a few books and did not say anything much but just let Jun Wu bring them back to read them herself.

    After half a year of cultivation, Jun Wu Xie gradually came to discover something that could sustain Spirit Reinforcement for a longer period of time, and that was wine!

    By right, wine and spirits should evaporate faster than water but Jun Wu Xie discovered that her spirit powers had undergone a highly subtle change and when she blended that change into Spirit Reinforcement and used wine to write the runes, they could last up to a period of twenty minutes. Compared to the time she was able to maintain the effects before, this had already increased by several folds at least.

    This astounding change made Jun Wu Xie highly satisfied and she began working even harder at her cultivation.

    Time passed day by day and after Lin Hao Yu lost his mind, the Blood Fiend Palace brought him back. Without Lin Hao Yu's instigations from behind, Jun Wu Xie's days in the Cloudy Brook Academy quietened by quite a bit. And the oppression of the Blood Fiend Palace from the other palaces also gradually dissipated under Qiao Chu and the other companions' secret and imperceptible influence.

    Everything seemed to be falling onto the right track.

    But on the day that the season was just entering into winter, all the disciples of the Cloudy Brook Academy received a piece of news that stunned all of them and left them at a loss for words.

    The Cloudy Brook Academy gave notice to all its disciples the every single one of them could leave the Cloudy Brook Academy and they would all be considered to have completed their cultivation training at the Cloudy Brook Academy.

    And that piece of news immediately elicited an uproar throughout the entire bunch of youths.

    The harsh strictness of the Cloudy Brook Academy was well known to everyone, easy to gain entry but hard to leave. Till now, there were people who had spent thirty years of their lives in the Cloudy Brook Academy and they still had not been able to qualify for graduation. But the Cloudy Brook Academy had suddenly changed so drastically which properly shocked everyone greatly.

    It was a little bit better for the seniors. For those who had just been admitted this year, the youths who had spent merely eleven months in the Cloudy Brook Academy were completely struck dumb with shock.
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