Chapter 1633: “Heart Breaking Parting (1)”

    Chapter 1633: "Heart Breaking Parting (1)"

    Although the Cloudy Brook Academy's cultivation was harsh, dull and dry, but the speed their cultivation progressed at far exceeded any of their previous record. They had just adjusted themselves to the brutality of the Cloudy Brook Academy and were preparing their hearts to properly train themselves hard and well when the Cloudy Brook Academy said..... they could now scram?

    At that moment, all the freshmen found that they were unable to accept this decision and the voices of debate rang out in constant waves.

    For those seniors who had been here for several years or more than ten years, they heaved a big sigh of relief. Compared to the regret the freshmen felt, those seniors had had enough of the cultivation training where they could not see the way ahead. They felt rather good about themselves and they thought that they were good enough to report back to their respective palaces to make a good name for themselves.

    Within the Cloudy Brook Academy, the reactions of the youths were split into two types.

    One was the tears of absolute delight from the seniors and one was the clenched jaws and gritted teeth of the freshmen.

    But no matter which type it was, they were unable to change the Cloudy Brook Academy's decision.

    After Jun Wu Xie came to know of the news, she was a little stunned as she stared at Su Ya who was seated upon the comfy lounge with complicated emotions in her eyes.

    On this rare day that Su Ya did not drink at all, she sat there quietly and it was not known what was going through her mind. It was after a rather long while that she patted the seat beside her and said: "Sit here."

    Jun Wu Xie obediently went over to sit down.

    "Thinking back, you have been here for almost a year. I had thought that I would be seeing how you would oppress all those little scoundrels after a year but a pity that it seems that there wouldn't be a chance of that happening anymore." Su Ya's voice was filled with regret and a tinge of reluctance to part. To be honest, Jun Wu was not a disciple of many words. He did not speak much nor made any fuss. He just was so quiet everyday that made it easy overlook his presence completely.

    But, what he accomplished in silence, had been more than anything anyone else could have done.

    Every single level of the Spirit Mastery faculty, would be cleaned by Jun Wu periodically. When Su Ya drank herself asleep, Jun Wu would cover her with the little blanket he had specially prepared. And everytime she woke up from her drunken stupor, she would always find a bowl of hangover brew placed right by her soft lounge, with the taste of it made light and clear with a faint tinge of sweetness which made it more palatable.

    Su Ya sometimes could not help but think, that having such a disciple might be a form of compensation from the Heavens to her. Jun Wu never caused her any worry, but would instead take care of her as the Master. Even when she drank a bit too much and caused a bit of an outrage, Jun Wu would still quietly follow behind her to help her pick up the pieces, never uttering a single word of complaint.

    Su Ya looked at Jun Wu. He obviously had a highly unremarkable..... at most considered to be delicately featured face. But the more she looked at that face, the more she felt that her little disciple looked more pleasing to the eye than anyone else.

    She really wanted to continue guiding this little disciple of hers.

    She still had not handed everything to Jun Wu, why did they already have to part?

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Su Ya and just sat there quietly. It could be because most of the friends around her were male and there were no females among her closest family members, Su Ya gave her a feeling that was subtly different, as her Master, and even more like a mother.

    Su Ya might not be good at expressing her own feelings and neither was she good at taking care of people. But she had her own way of protecting Jun Wu.

    Like how Su Ya had once said. Her disciple must not be bullied by anyone.

    Protecting her so fiercely, to Jun Wu Xie who had been so used to relying only on herself to solve her own problems, was something that felt so new, and warmed her heart.

    "Foolish kid. After you've gone back, you'd better not forget this Master of yours! Otherwise, even if I have to search till the ends of these lands, this woman will chase after you and thrash you up so bad you'll vomit out blood!" Su Ya said as she raised her hand and rubbed Jun Wu on the head. Although she was laughing, she did not feel the slightest bit of joy in her heart.
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