Chapter 1634: “Heart Breaking Parting (2)”

    Chapter 1634: "Heart Breaking Parting (2)"

    "I will come back to see you." Jun Wu Xie promised. She was not adept at sweet and flowery words, and did not know how to express the warmth she felt in her heart at that moment. She only knew, that even if she left the Cloudy Brook Academy, she would still remain as Su Ya's disciple. She still had a Master here, who protected her, who cared about her, and that person was Su Ya.

    Su Ya laughed. "People who walk out from the Cloudy Brook Academy, are not allowed to return. The summit of Mount Fu Yao will not welcome a kid like you to come back here in future."

    That was how the rules of the Cloudy Brook Academy were. After graduating and leaving the place, they would no longer be disciples of the academy. All who left from the Cloudy Brook Academy, would not be able to return here to visit.

    Jun Wu Xie's lips stiffened. She did not like this. She did not want to never see Su Ya again.

    The feeling was different from how she felt towards Yan Bu Gui. It might be because she had remained here with Su Ya for a long period of time and the feelings had grown into those of kinship.

    "Alright. Don't put on that melancholy face. It's enough that this woman knows you are filial. If there an opportunity presents itself in the future, I will go find you. Aren't you just at the Spirit Jade Palace on Mount Fu Yao?" Su Ya could finally no longer stand the depressing atmosphere and she quickly tried to change the topic with a laugh.

    Jun Wu Xie continued to look at Su Ya. [She actually knew where the Spirit Jade Palace is?]

    Su Ya saw the surprise revealed on Jun Wu's face and she found it rather amusing in her heart. [Whatever goes through this kid's mind, it actually shows up completely on his face! How is this kind of personality going to survive out there in this world?]

    Never did Su Ya know that Jun Wu Xie would only react like this in front of people she cared about.

    "You little fool. You really think your Master does not know? Mount Fu Yao is within the Cloudy Brook Academy's territory and without the academy's Headmaster's approval, do you really think the Spirit Jade Palace would be able to hide themselves here? All of that is merely just a form of silent consent." Su Ya rubbed her hand upon Jun Wu's little head once more. There hadn't been this much intimacy between Master and disciple the entire time and Su Ya was seeking to make up for it all on this day.

    "The world outside is filled with all kinds of evils. The struggle between the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples remains never ending. You made an enemy of the people from the Blood Fiend Palace here in the Cloudy Brook Academy. In here, the academy rules were able to hold them and with this woman here, they did not dare to do anything to you. But once you go out from the Cloudy Brook Academy, the Blood Fiend Palace would no longer have anything holding them back so you must be extremely careful. But it just as well that you're from the Spirit Jade Palace as that moron will definitely protect you. You had also better not go running around heedlessly and just remain inside the Spirit Jade Palace to work on your cultivation." There were a million and one words that Su Ya wanted to remind Jun Wu about but time felt like it was running really short.

    Jun Wu Xie listened without a word but merely nodded in silence, giving Su Ya every single moment they had left to finish saying all the words she had not said before.

    "To cultivate one's Soul Power, the best place would be in the Spirit World. But that place doesn't welcome people like you. That place is the territory of spirit bodies but if there comes a day that you are able to go there, you must not miss that opportunity." Su Ya went on to say, and then pulled out her own Cosmos Sack as she dug into it to search for something.

    But when Jun Wu Xie saw Su Ya's Cosmos Sack, she was slightly taken aback. Su Ya's Cosmos Sack looked exactly alike the one Yan Bu Gui had given to her! The only difference was that the petals of the crabapple flowers on her had a little more pink in them or otherwise, they looked exactly the same.

    Noticing Jun Wu Xie's gaze, Su Ya smiled faintly and asked: "Doesn't it look familiar to you?"

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    Su Ya seemed to be recalling something and she put her Cosmos Sack aside for awhile as she picked up the wine gourd at the side to take a long pull from it, her gaze looking far outside through the doors.
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