Chapter 1635: “Heart Breaking Parting (3)”

    Chapter 1635: "Heart Breaking Parting (3)"

    "Do you still remember what I asked you the first time when you came here and you took your Cosmos Sack out?" Su Ya had a faraway look in her eyes as she opened her mouth to ask.

    "I remember." Jun Wu Xie replied. She had not forgotten the kind of anxiety and shock Su Ya had shown when she saw Jun Wu bring out his Cosmos Sack that very first time.

    "Your Cosmos Sack and mine were originally a pair. The crabapple flowers on them were personally embroidered by my disciple with his own hands. Before you came along, I had taught quite a few students, but those who were able to catch my attention and become my very own disciples had only been two people. One of them is you, and the other is your Senior fellow disciple, the one who embroidered the Cosmos Sacks." Su Ya's mind seemed to have drifted back to a very very long time into the past.

    "Your Senior is the first disciple I accepted and I had been rather exasperated with your Grandmaster at that time, so I randomly picked out a disciple from among the new batch of freshmen and took him in, thinking to groom him into someone with unparalleled power to win me some pride. But I had never thought that before the time was ripe, I lost the chance to do that." The corners of Su Ya's mouth curled up into a bitter smile and she poured a big mouthful of wine down her throat, like she wanted to let the burn from the wine drive off the depressing feeling in her heart.

    "Your Senior wasn't as smart as you are, and not as trouble free as you are. He would cause me trouble every few days and he made quite a number of people to become displeased with him at that time when he was in the Cloudy Brook Academy. He took every chance he had to go pick a fight with those other rascals in the academy which infuriated me so much that I wished I could just trample him into the ground and give him a sound thrashing. But....."

    "He wasn't all that bad. Although not as considerate as you here, he still knew to be respectful and filial to his Master." Su Ya said with her chin propped up by an upturned palm, sipping at her wine while she revealed what had happened to Jun Wu Xie, memories that no one else knew about.

    Su Ya's temper then, had been more explosive than it was now, her interactions with her disciple at that time, usually done through her fists. Jun Wu Xie knew the kind of power that Su Ya possessed and a single punch from her would cause even a strong and well built man to vomit out blood.

    In the beginning, Jun Wu Xie's senior fellow disciple was basically the most frequent visitor to the Cloudy Brook Academy's Medical faculty where he would be sent there for treatment every few days when he was beaten up till he vomited blood.

    If that had been anyone else, one would not have been able to endure such harshness and run away in escape.

    But every single time, after that person had been treated, he would run back to Su Ya's side with a laugh, and no matter how tyrannical Su Ya was towards him, a smile would still hang upon his face, never complaining a single time, remaining like Su Ya's tail on her back, following behind Su Ya wherever she went.

    But Su Ya would still be the same as before, unable to control her own temper and the strength that she had, making the life of that person just pitiful.

    Someone had once spoken to Su Ya about that, saying that that was not good. But Su Ya had thought nothing of it.

    One was happy to lash out, and the other happy to be beaten. What's wrong with that? Moreover, this was just between them as Master and disciple, and her disciple had not said a single word in negativity, so why should these nosey bunch be cackling about it at all?

    Things continued on like that and although Su Ya did not show any mercy, she nevertheless did everything she could in instructing her disciple. That person's powers grew exponentially and it was until the third year that that person had acknowledged Su Ya as his Master where he had on Su Ya's birthday brought out a pair of embroidered crabapple flower Cosmos Sacks he had made personally, gifting one to Su Ya, and keeping the other one for himself.

    After that.....

    Some things began to change.

    The subtle changes happened little by little, and the flavour of things between the Master and disciple changes as well.

    Su Ya had thought that she might very well succumb under the hands of that brat and not never thought that things would turn out like that in the end.
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