Chapter 1636: “Heart Breaking Parting (4)”

    Chapter 1636: "Heart Breaking Parting (4)"

    The Cloudy Brook Academy would open up their doors for a period every month and disciples whose powers got acknowledged would be able to temporarily leave the premises and return home for a couple of days before they came back.

    Su Ya's disciple did not leave the Cloudy Brook Academy much only till he was almost into his fourth year that he started to leave on the days the academy opened its doors. In the beginning, Su Ya did not pay it much attention but every time her disciple came back, he acted somewhat abnormally, the smile on his face becoming a little strained when he faced her.

    Su Ya had asked him about it before but did not manage to get anything out of him. That person pretended like nothing had happened before but..... Su Ya could feel that her own disciple was intentionally or not, distancing himself from her.

    They were obviously no longer purely just Master and disciple but that person had suddenly politely and seemingly in an attempt to alienate her, addressed her as Master, his gaze tinged with a trace of avoidance.

    Su Ya did not understand what was happening till one day, when one of the times the periods the academy opened their doors ended and she did not see that person return. Till the very end when everyone else had come back, he still did not appear. She stood at the main gates of the Cloudy Brook Academy waiting from dawn to dusk, till the moon hung high up in the night sky, waiting till the night fell completely silent and that person still did not come back.

    Finally, it was Su Ya's Master who handed a letter to Su Ya.

    The letter had been left behind by that person, saying that he had already gotten the Headmaster's permission, to be able to graduate from the Cloudy Brook Academy and leave the place. A man's ambition lay outside in the wide world and he was not willing to be constrained within the tiny Cloudy Brook Academy. He was thankful to Su Ya for having groomed him but destiny had decreed that they part then, to be separated on different ends of the world, and for her to take good care of herself.

    Su Ya read the letter repeatedly over ten times at least, scrutinizing every single character over and over again, unable to convince herself that her disciple had left like that.....

    And she as the Master, was the last one to find out about it.

    [Why didn't he tell her?]

    [She was sure she had told him that if the day came that he needed to leave, she could go together with him.]

    [But in the end, he had abandoned her, to carve out a path on his own.]

    Su Ya's voice became a little choked as she spoke right at the very end. She gulped down the fine wine throwing her head back, her eyes closing slowly, with a faint trace of tears right at the corners of her eyes.

    "Jun Wu, you must remember this. If in the future you come to meet a scoundrel named Yan Bu Gui, you must help this woman tell him this. That this woman does not have such an ungrateful disciple." Su Ya said with reddened eyes, spitting her words out through gritted teeth.

    [Yan Bu Gui!] Jun Wu Xie was completely taken aback.

    [It really is Yan Bu Gui!]

    Jun Wu Xie had guessed that Su Ya and Yan Bu Gui had known each other but never would she have thought that there would be such a deep grudge between the two of them.

    The two of them were both Jun Wu Xie's Master and although she had not had much of a chance to interact with Yan Bu Gui, Jun Wu Xie however did not feel that Yan Bu Gui would be such a ungrateful person. He had undertaken such a great risk to go save Qiao Chu and the others, to have even brought them up. Such a person would definitely not be one who, towards a Master he was indebted to, to a person he loved, just sever all ties so callously.

    There must be some kind of reason or misunderstanding behind all this.

    Jun Wu Xie did not tell Su Ya she knew Yan Bu Gui. She had to get to the bottom of the matter first.

    To Jun Wu Xie, she wished very much for Yan Bu Gui and Su Ya to be able to reconcile and before she was able to get a clear picture entirely, she did not want the situation to take a turn for the worse in anyway. Even though Su Ya's words were highly resolute, Jun Wu Xie could still feel that her grief and hatred, stemmed from the regret and her reluctance to part from the past.

    Su Ya had never let it go all this time and her obstinacy had been brought about from her obsession about the matter.

    "I will." Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    Su Ya smiled and rubbed Jun Wu Xie on her little head.
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