Chapter 1637: “Heart Breaking Parting (5)”

    Chapter 1637: "Heart Breaking Parting (5)"

    "Let's not talk about all this already. That bastard is nowhere as good as you. Come come come, your Master will give you something." Su Ya swept away the depression she was feeling and she pulled out a bangle from her Cosmos Sack. The bangle was forged from gold and it was inlaid with various gems, highly eye catching.

    "If you have a chance to go to the Spirit World in the future and the people there dares to stop you, you just show this to them and they will definitely let you right in. This woman has nothing much else to give you and let this be considered as the last gift to you from your Master." Su Ya said as she pulled on Jun Wu Xie's little hand, putting the gold bangle on. The gold bangle was not small but when it was put on Jun Wu Xie's wrist, it suddenly shrank by a size making it just right .

    "Little brat, if an opportunity arises, your Master will go see you, but do not come back to this Cloudy Brook Academy anymore or you'll be thrown right out." Su Ya said with a laugh.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at the bangle on her wrist and her heart filled up with warmth.

    She got up and walked to come before Su Ya before kneeling down solemnly and silently kowtowed three times loudly before Su Ya, every single knock resounding clear.

    Su Ya watched beaming with smiles, her eyes filling up with tears.

    Before Jun Wu Xie left, she left Su Ya a bottle of elixirs. That was cultivated from Little Lotus' lotus seeds and they could be used to retain one's life at the most critical junctures. That elixir was extremely difficult to cultivate and every single pill needed five lotus seeds to make. Till now, Jun Wu Xie had only managed to cultivate only five of them and she had left two of them with Jun Xian and Jun Qing while she gave the remaining three to Su Ya.

    After bidding her final goodbye, Jun Wu Xie returned to her room. The freshmen within the loft building were a little flustered. They didn't want to have to leave so fast as they felt that their cultivation training was still not enough and they no longer had the chance of remaining in here.

    When she came just before her door, Jun Wu Xie sat Gu Xin Yan just opposite her. She stood quietly before her door and under the raucous clamour that was going on around her, her gaze remained fixed upon the figure of Jun Wu, looking like she had something she wanted to say to Jun Wu.

    Jun Wu Xie was in no hurry to leave and just looked back at Gu Xin Yan where they stood facing each other.

    Truth to be told, if one put aside Jun Wu Xie's enmity with the Twelve Palaces and based just on Gu Xin Yan herself, Jun Wu Xie would feel that Gu Xin Yan wasn't all that bad a person. If all of this had happened at another time and they held other identities, the two of them might very possibly become companions.

    A pity.....

    Gu Xin Yan looked at Jun Wu Xie for a long while, like she wanted to imprint the image of Jun Wu deeply into her soul. After that, she just lowered her head and silently turned around to go into her room to pack her things.

    Jun Wu Xie then returned to her room as well.

    It was till the room door was shut, that Gu Xin Yan leaned her back upon her door and started sobbing soundlessly, the strength seeping out from her body as she slid down weakened to the ground with her back against the door. She fell to the ground and clasped her hands over her mouth tightly, not letting the sounds of her sobs spill out.

    Gu Xin Yan knew clearly that while within the Cloudy Brook Academy, no matter what happened between the Blood Fiend Palace and Jun Wu, they would still occasionally be able to see each other. Regardless that she might only be able to steal a glance at him from afar. But once they all left the Cloudy Brook Academy, with her being the daughter of the Blood Fiend Palace's Palace Lord's daughter, there would only be enmity towards Jun Wu, never would it be again be this quiet and tranquil.

    Even when she had not even spoken a word with Jun Wu over this period, it was better than having them be against each other.

    Parting was the most heartbreaking and it was not known within the Cloudy Brook Academy, just how much of sorrow and pain there was.

    At the moment when the sun was setting, all the disciples of the Cloudy Brook Academy had no choice but to pick up their baggage to leave this already familiar mountain wilderness, to step forth into a future that truly belonged to themselves.
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