Chapter 1638: “Heart Breaking Parting (6)”

    Chapter 1638: "Heart Breaking Parting (6)"

    The Cloudy Brook Academy's decision was known by the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples earlier and they could not enter Mount Fu Yao so they could only remain at the foot of the mountain to wait to pick up their disciples and bring them back.

    Qiao Chu and the other companions each found their own way to slip away from the crowd where they gathered to meet with Jun Wu Xie within the thick woods.

    It was already winter and there was a flurry of snow, a white blanket covering over the evergreen trees, wrapping everything in silver and white.

    "We're finally out." Qiao Chu lamented as he stretched his limbs. Under the cover of the tree's leaves, there wasn't a single snowflake upon his body as he looked smilingly at Hua Yao and the others standing around him.

    This would be the last time they gathered before going to the Twelve Palaces.

    "After this, it's time to see what we're capable of." Fei Yan said feeling rather restless with eagerness. They had had to hide their strength for many years waiting just for this moment for revenge. From the moment that they set foot inside the Twelve Palaces, the fire of vengeance would truly begin to burn with a blazing rage.

    And their plan, would begin in earnest.

    "Little Xie, you'll be remaining within the Spirit Jade Palace?" Fan Zhuo asked as he looked at Jun Wu Xie. They all had their objectives but Jun Wu Xie would be taking a different line from all of them.

    "I do not know yet. That is what I have decided for the moment." Jun Wu Xie said softly. She composed her emotions before raising her eyes to look at all her young companions.

    "The incident between Qiao Chu and Lin Hao Yu will surely cause the Flame Demons Palace to fight the Blood Fiend Palace and you guys should set your sights properly on your own targets then."

    Qiao Chu had continually bashed up Lin Hao Yu in the Cloudy Brook Academy and besides venting it out on him on behalf of Jun Wu Xie, there was a deeper motive behind it.

    The Flame Demons Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace are almost equally matched among the Twelve Palaces and they both seek to gain the top position's throne. But the two powers had not blatantly gone against each other on the surface but had only secretly schemed against each other behind the scenes. Lin Hao Yu is the grandson of an Elder in the Blood Fiend Palace and Qiao Chu is new found strength that the Flame Demons Palace are paying much attention to. Among either one of them, they both carry a significant amount of weight within the powers they serve respectively and the grudge formed between Qiao Chu and Lin Hao Yu within the Cloudy Brook Academy would definitely be brought over into the two palaces.

    Especially now that Lin Hao Yu had gone bonkers. It did not matter whether his insanity had been caused by Qiao Chu or whether it had been due to Jun Wu Xie's actions but the Blood Fiend Palace would not let things lie.

    And this was the first seed that Jun Wu Xie had buried among the Twelve Palaces.

    To incite the Blood Fiend Palace and the Flame Demons Palace into battle.

    And this was just merely the beginning.

    "Rest assured. We know what we should do and since we've come all the way here, we will definitely make them pay back for everything one by one." Qiao Chu said through narrowed eyes. He still could not forget the annihilation of his father and his entire family clan, and the nightmare of having seen his mother die before his eyes.

    All of this, had been caused by the hand of the Twelve Palaces.

    In order for them to gain and reap more benefits, they had had no qualms about sacrificing people who were absolutely loyal to them. The debt of blood they left owing must be sought back one by one.

    The flurrying snow flew and the people from the Twelve Palaces waiting at the foot of Mount Fu Yao did not know that they would soon invite destruction to go back with them to the respective palaces they served.

    The gears of destiny were turning and Lady Fate was slowly weaving everything in the future together.

    After a short moment of discussion, Qiao Chu and his companions quickly split and went their own ways to quietly blend in with the crowd going down the mountain, taking the first step towards their road to vengeance.

    Jun Wu Xie stood within the mountain and the snowflakes fell gently, causing her shoulders to become covered with a layer of pure white.

    "Young Miss." Ye Sha and Ye Gu silently appeared. Ye Sha then draped the cape he had prepared over Jun Wu Xie's shoulders.
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