Chapter 1639: “Heart Breaking Parting (7)”

    Chapter 1639: "Heart Breaking Parting (7)"

    Jun Wu Xie stood there within the mountain for a rather long period as she stared in the direction of the Cloudy Brook Academy. After a long long while, she turned her gaze away and then walked off towards the Spirit Jade Academy.

    In the Cloudy Brook Academy, Su Ya sat drinking with her heart heavy. Her little disciple has left and the Spirit Mastery faculty was completely empty once more. Having gotten used to having the presence of such a person around and then now reverting back to one year ago where she was all by lonesome. Without knowing why, the quietness of this place suddenly seemed to feel so suffocating.

    She looked at the stairs and kept thinking when would the figure of Jun Wu appear from there once again, quietly going about the chores without a word and carrying the little blanket to come cover her.

    Her chest felt so stuffed up it was agonizing and Su Ya suddenly stood up, to take big strides out of the Spirit Mastery faculty.

    Snow fell heavily outside and the entire ground was completely layered in white. The figure of Su Ya morphed into a streak of light and sped through it all, the speed she moved at not even allowing enough time for the snowflakes upon her body to melt away.

    Within the Headmaster's study, Tian Ze stood before the table, holding a stack of things in his hands.

    "The disciples of the Cloudy Brook Academy have all left and I have informed all the teachers for them to leave and descend the mountain tomorrow. Master, are we really going to close the academy?" Tian Ze's browed creased up slightly, as he looked worriedly at the little old man seated behind the table.

    The little old man held a long pipe in his hand, as he put it to his mouth to puff away.

    "What can we do if we don't close it? We wait for those people to come here and slaughter every single last one of those little sheep?"

    The teachers of the Cloudy Brook Academy hold rather great power and that was widely acknowledged. But the little old man's words were just terrifying to hear.

    Tian Ze then sighed helplessly.

    "I have let Old Bai bring the item away. Those people will come here sooner or later. Without getting a clear grasp of the situation here, they will not give up. Now, they can feel through the place as thoroughly as they want." The little old man said nonchalantly, his calm gaze not showing the slightest bit of anxiety.

    Others might not have noticed it, but Tian Ze knew clearly that the spirit energy that was most abundant on Mount Fu Yao was reducing at an alarmingly fast rate. It would not be long before Mount Fu Yao, the place where spirit energy was most abundant throughout the Middle Realm, would be just like any other place, to become a mountain as ordinary as any other.

    "About our decision to dismiss all the disciples, the Twelve Palaces have sent people to come inquire about it but there hasn't been any activity from the Nine Palaces. Do we need to explain anything to the Twelve Palaces?" Tian Ze asked.

    The little old man shook his head. "Explain? Explain what? This old man has already done them the biggest favour by being willing to lend guidance their disciples and they still dare to come question me? Tell them to go away as far as they can. Little wonder those morons at the Twelve Palaces have not been able to triumph over the Nine Temples all this time. The Nine Temples are being a lot more understanding in this matter."

    While the little old man was speaking to Tian Ze, a slender figure suddenly swept right into the room with a fierce gust of wind and bringing in a flurry of snowflakes.

    Tian Ze almost jumped out of his skin and when the figure materialized, the form of Su Ya appeared before the two men.

    "Senior!" At the moment that Tian Ze saw Su Ya, his face broke out with a highly wide smile. How many years had it been? This was the first time that Su Ya had been willing to step into the Master's room of her own accord.

    "Hey! Little Ya! What brings you here today?" The little old man was also filled with smiles upon seeing Su Ya.

    "It happened?" Su Ya asked coldly.

    The little old man was taken aback a moment before he laughed softly. "That's right. It happened. From now on, the Cloudy Brook Academy would no longer be the place that your Master will be able to retire in."

    "The two of you had better go pack up as well. Us three Master and disciples will have to find ourselves another place to idle."
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