Chapter 1640: “The Plot Begins (1)”

    Chapter 1640: "The Plot Begins (1)"

    Inside the Spirit Jade Palace, the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's beautiful face twisted up, the corners of his mouth twitching as he stared at Jun Wu right before him, and..... the two men behind Jun Wu.

    "Haven't you had enough of this! ? Why are you back here again for!" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord exclaimed as he pointed a trembling finger at Jun Wu. Just looking at the men, one tall and one short behind Jun Wu, was enough to make his skin crawl.

    [I must have owed him in my past life!]

    He could forget that the kid had come to the Spirit Jade Palace to bump of free food and lodgings before, but this time he was truly making people turn purple with rage!

    The kid had the audacity to even bring two other people with him!

    And they were..... Heavens be damned, two men at that!

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord would have liked nothing better than to kick the three of them out with his foot!

    "The training at the Cloudy Brook Academy has ended and I came here to bring you a gift." Jun Wu Xie said calmly as she looked at the Spirit Jade Palace Lord whose face was all twisted in fury.

    "This is the kind of gift that you are giving me?" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord exclaimed as he pointed his finger at Ye Sha and Ye Gu behind Jun Wu, his body shaking more visibly.

    The Spirit Jade Palace had always not allowed men to enter and letting Jun Wu come in was already the limit of what the Spirit Jade Palace Lord could accept. But Jun Wu just had to do it. Besides having barged in here once again, he had even brought in two others! Just what was happening here! ?

    The kid was getting more and more overboard.

    "I refuse it! You just get these two out of here immediately or I will not be so nice anymore! !" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord said, absolutely seething with rage.

    An eyebrow arched up on Jun Wu Xie's face and she raised her hand at Ye Gu.

    Ye Gu immediately took a step forward.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord's face darkened.

    "You won't be able to beat him." Jun Wu Xie stated without any mercy, to reveal the disparity between the might of the Spirit Jade Palace Lord and Ye Gu.

    [She wasn't too sure about Ye Sha, but if it was Ye Gu.....]

    Throughout the entire Middle Realm, people who were able to take him on would really be few and far between.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord almost exploded from his rage but he went on to discreetly send out a probe and could not ascertain just how powerful Ye Gu really was as he had not detected a single trace of spirit power on Ye Gu's being.

    It was either Ye Gu was a completely useless piece of trash who did not possess a single bit of spirit power, or his powers was a lot higher than his.

    Jun Wu had already put it across so clearly so it was obvious that the first line of thought was not possible.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord wanted to blast them out from the place but with Ye Gu thrown right in front of him by Jun Wu, the Spirit Jade Palace Lord was feeling a little..... unable to crow as he liked.

    He was not afraid of taking a beating. What he was worried about was that what Jun Wu was seeking to do was not something as simple as just having Ye Gu beat him up.

    In the event that there was contact between their bodies..... Just thinking about it already sent chills up the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's spine.

    No matter how unwilling the Spirit Jade Palace Lord was towards letting Ye Sha and Ye Gu remain here, it had already become an unchangeable fact. The two men then just came to stay within the Spirit Jade Palace with Jun Wu.

    Just like that, all the girls within the Spirit Jade Palace were thrown into a frenzy. Fortunately, the Spirit Jade Palace Lord had strictly restricted the areas that Jun Wu and his people could move about in and after getting to know that Ye Sha could cook, the Spirit Jade Palace Lord left that chore to him, and only ordered for people to periodically send fresh fruits and vegetables to the doors of the courtyard, leaving the rest of it to Jun Wu and his people to deal with it themselves.

    Jun Wu Xie did not mind that kind of an arrangement. She only needed a little bit of time to tidy things up to see how she could make the game of chess more resplendent.

    Jun Wu Xie sat within her room and stared at the jade token in her hand. That jade token had been one of the treasures they had taken out from the Dark Emperor's tomb. There were a total of nine pieces of such tokens and every single piece was linked to all the others. If one used the special item to write something on one token, it was manifest upon all the other tokens as well.
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