Chapter 1641: “The Plot Begins (2)”

    Chapter 1641: "The Plot Begins (2)"

    But one could only write one character on the jade token and the spirit power within the jade token would be depleted after one use, needing a whole day in between each use. Hence, Jun Wu Xie would not use it under normal circumstances as this was a link among the companions while they were in the various palaces, allowing them a point of contact.

    Jun Wu Xie stared at the jade token in her hand and she spread out a piece of paper upon the table. Upon it was clearly written: Flame Demons Palace, Dragon Slayers Palace, Soul Return Palace, Blood Fiend Palace, Zen Void Palace, Dark Heavens Palace, Purple Thunder Palace, Flamboyant Palace, All Life Palace, Shadow Moon Palace, Green Tide Palace and the Pure Grace Palace.

    All the names of the Twelve Palaces listed on the paper.

    Among them, Qiao Chu went to the Flame Demons Palace, Fei Yan to the Dragon Slayers Palace, Rong Ruo Soul Return Palace, Fan Zhuo Dark Heavens Palace, and Hua Yao in the Purple Thunder Palace.

    Among the Twelve Palaces, the Flame Demons Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace were in first grade, followed by the Dragon Slayers Palace and the Dark Heavens Palace, and then came the Soul Return Palace, the Zen Void Palace and the Purple Thunder Palace. The other five palaces were also the weakest five palaces of all.

    The palaces who possessed a portion of the map to the Dark Emperor's tomb were all relatively at the forefront in position among the Twelve Palaces and among the seven palaces, Qiao Chu and the other companions had infiltrated into five of them. It could be said that they had penetrated into the most critical few palaces but for the highly thorny Blood Fiend Palace, where Jun Wu Xie and the companions did not join. Hence, when they had just been admitted into the Cloudy Brook Academy, Jun Wu Xie had intentionally and unintentionally tried to make the people from the Blood Fiend Palace notice her. She had then lent the hand of the Blood Fiend Palace to stir up discontent from the other palaces onto them. Qiao Chu and the other had then been tasked with heckling and instigating everyone, fanning the crowd to go against the Blood Fiend Palace.

    Now, it was no longer possible for the Blood Fiend Palace to remain aloof from the turmoil.

    Jun Wu Xie's gaze then shifted over to the palaces that Qiao Chu and the others were at. In order for her to be able to employ the powers she held within her grasp, by stirring up and muddying the waters among the Twelve Palaces would then allow all of them to achieve their aim.

    Once several of the important palaces were broken, the other palaces would just fall right with them.

    A glint came into Jun Wu Xie's eyes and she grasped the brush in her hand to slowly draw a red circle around the Pure Grace Palace.

    At the same time, upon the jade token, she wrote the character for "pure".

    At that moment, Qiao Chu and the other companions had already gone down Mount Fu Yao to meet with the escort from their respective palaces. The companions had all climbed onto their own horse carriages that were driving to various locations when they faintly felt the jade token they carried everywhere with them reacting peculiarly. Discreetly, they took out their jade token and saw the character for "pure" and every one of their faces showed understanding.

    [The plot begins.]

    [And the first target has been set!]

    [From here, it is time to see their capabilities at stirring up the waves and turning the tide!]

    After having sent out the news, Jun Wu Xie calmed her heart and took out the lotus basin. She would only need to wait quietly from now onwards for the show to begin.

    The sudden decision of the Cloudy Brook Academy had not only caused the disciples in the Cloudy Brook Academy to be thrown into a tizzy, it was the same for the Twelve Palaces as well. But it was different from the complicated feelings the disciples were feeling as the Twelve Palaces highly approved of ending the training prematurely.

    The situation in every palace among the Twelve Palaces now subtly peculiar. They were all trying very hard to gather strength. Every time the Battle of Deities ended, they were required to send the people they picked into the Cloudy Brook Academy. This was a rule of the Battle of Deities and although the Twelve Palaces followed the rules on the front, they were actually not pleased to have to do that.

    They had brought forward the Battle of Deities Grand Meet in an effort just to attract new talents. But before they could bring the new talents back to their own palaces, they were all sent to Cloudy Brook Academy and it was not known which month or day before they would be released.
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