Chapter 1642: “The Plot Begins (3)”

    Chapter 1642: "The Plot Begins (3)"

    Everyone knew that the Cloudy Brook Academy was easy to enter but hard to get out from. Having a bunch of their newly acquired power being locked up within the Cloudy Brook Academy and wanting to have them come all out would be impossible without waiting several years' time, which greatly ate at the patience of the Twelve Palaces. They were highly displeased that it had to be this way but the Battle of Deities Grand Meet was not a place that the Twelve Palaces had a say in and being able to bring the meet forward was a result that only came about after debating furiously with the Nine Temples. Wanting them to continue to violate the rules of the Battle of Deities any further would be a result that the Nine Temples would not be happy to see.

    But now, things had turned out well. The Cloudy Brook Academy had suddenly for some unknown reason released everyone which had absolutely delighted the Twelve Palaces. It must be known that besides the disciples who had just been admitted into the Cloudy Brook Academy, those seniors from earlier batches who had after such a long time still been unable to graduate had been similarly released as well. Although the powers of these seniors had not been really all that gifted, they were however still power that belonged to the Twelve Palaces.

    It could be said that the Twelve Palaces were filled with delight and they were all just short of raising drums and cymbals in welcome of the return of these youths.

    The Palace Lords of the various palaces were also highly satisfied with such a result.

    As they had managed to pull into their palaces, highly talented youths who were more gifted than any of the previous Battle of Deities from before.

    But the return of the youths did not bring delight to every single one of the palaces.

    Like that Blood Fiend Palace at that moment.

    In the Blood Fiend Palace, the Palace Lord of the Blood Fiend Palace, Gu Yi was seated in the main hall. He was already highly advanced in age but judging based on just his looks, he looked merely like a middle aged man around forty years of age, with only two slightly grey streaks at the temples revealing his well concealed age. Gu Yi possessed handsome looks and the vestiges of time had not left its trace upon him, but had instead enhanced a sense of steadfastness and the dominating air around him.

    Down on the floor of the great hall, the various Elders of the Blood Fiend Palace were standing on both sides of the hall, the atmosphere within the Blood Fiend Palace feeling somewhat heavy.

    An elderly man could be seen with his face pale, his eyes filled with sorrow. He stood in the middle of the great hall as he said while looking at Gu Yi: "It is not known what this decision by the Cloudy Brook Academy could mean but looking at the situation now, the Blood Fiend Palace seems to be getting the short end of the stick."

    "Oh? How is that?" Gu Yi asked as he looked at the elderly man who spoke. That elderly man was not anyone else but Lin Hao Yu's grandfather, Elder Lin, a old man who had followed Gu Yi for a rather long time who was highly revered in the Blood Fiend Palace.

    "In the last Battle of Deities Grand Meet, quite a number of highly talented individuals appeared, but they had mostly been roped into other palaces. Although there was quite a good number of people who joined our Blood Fiend Palace as well, the number of gifted elites was rather few. My Lord should know very clearly that in this last Battle of Deities Grand Meet, among the most outstanding six people, not one had chosen to join our Blood Fiend Palace. Although the Blood Fiend Palace did extend our invitations to all of them, they had all given a variety of reasons to reject us. It these had just been regular prodigies, it wouldn't have mattered that much. But those several people possessed powers that are rare to see even in a hundred years. Originally, these youths were set to spend quite a amount of time training their cultivation inside the Cloudy Brook Academy which would have been a good thing as that would allow the Blood Fiend Palace time to adjust things a little. But now that they have all been released early, the addition of these youths into the other palaces would definitely strengthen their might and this has caused a great loss to the Blood Fiend Palace." Elder Lin said with his brows knitted up tightly together. Those most outstanding youths from the last Battle of Deities Grand Meet, they had also fought to have them join the Blood Fiend Palace. But what made them want to vomit out blood the most was that not a single one among them had agreed to join.

    When all the palaces among the twelve were competing to acquire new strength at the same time, such big disparity in results became every more obvious to see.
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