Chapter 1643: “The Secret Worry of the Blood Fiend Palace (1)”

    Chapter 1643: "The Secret Worry of the Blood Fiend Palace (1)"

    And the actions of the Cloudy Brook Academy had just sped up the time that great disparity took to appear.

    The Blood Fiend Palace's might and that of the Palace of Flame Demon's were neck to neck and after the Palace of Flame Demons lost two of their Elders, it gave the Blood Fiend Palace its best opportunity to oppress the Flame Demon Palace but right at that moment, the Flame Demons Palace just had to gain themselves a youth who possessed highly rare gift and at a such a young age, he already possessed powers of the Purple Spirit at the third level, a level of power not any different from those of the Elders.

    A youth who was able to hold power like that being just in his teens had no one capable of guessing how fast his powers would rise in the future but to the Blood Fiend Palace, it posed as a grave and serious threat.

    Elder Lin's words made Gu Yi fall deep in thought, thinking that those words were not spoken without reason.

    The situation between the Blood Fiend Palace and the Flame Demons was on razor edge and both palaces were putting in every effort they could to outdo the other.

    "The Flame Demons Palace got Qiao Chu and our Blood Fiend Palace had instead lost two of our highly talented disciples. In comparison, the Blood Fiend Palace's strength is being constantly depleted." Elder Lin continued to say.

    Among the new and young talents, the powers of Xu Mu and Lin Hao Yu were most highly regarded.

    Although Xu Mu was of humble birth, he was highly gifted. The Blood Fiend Palace had intended to let him continue to train his cultivation in the Cloudy Brook Academy for a while more and that was why they had not been in a hurry to summon him back.

    In fact, with Xu Mu's power, it wasn't all that difficult for him to pass the Cloudy Brook Academy's test but due to the Blood Fiend Palace's decision, Xu Mu had now been reduced to become a person close to being a total vegetable!

    Having all his meridians severed by Su Ya, even if the most precious and priceless herbs were used to save him, it would be impossible for him to recover to the state he was in before.

    And Lin Hao Yu's circumstances was even worse. Although he had not suffered that kind of severe injuries to his body, his mental mind had completely collapsed.

    For Xu Mu, he could still be nursed to some extent and even if he was unable to make a full recovery to his former level of aptitude, he would be able to regain his powers somewhat. But as in Hao Yu had lost his mind, even if he possessed peerless power, a lunatic would still be as good as having lost all his fighting prowess.

    The loss of two of their most prominent young talents had caused the Blood Fiend Palace endless frustration.

    And these two incidents, one was done by the Cloudy Brook Academy and the other was committed by a member of the Flame Demons Palace.

    With the kind of position the Cloudy Brook Academy held in the Middle Realm, even if the Blood Fiend Palace wanted to seek an explanation from them, it wouldn't yield them much of a result.

    But in Lin Hao Yu's case.....

    "How is Lin Hao Yu's condition now?" Gu Yi asked.

    Elder Lin sighed slightly and shook his head.

    After Lin Hao Yu was brought back from the Blood Fiend Palace, Elder Lin had found found quite a number of physicians to come provide treatment and had even invited many powerful medical practitioners, thinking to heal Lin Hao Yu completely but the result had just made Elder Lin despair further.

    No matter how many people came to check on Lin Hao Yu's condition, the conclusion they gave was all the same.

    There was nothing they could do!

    Lin Hao Yu was frightened into his lunacy, it was not something that could be nursed or treated with medicines as it was a mental illness!

    Elder Lin had practiced hard on his cultivation all his life and he had only gotten himself a son in his old age. But his son had been frail and sickly from a young age and even though Elder Lin had spent a fortune on countless priceless herbs to prolong his life, he still finally succumbed to illness in the end. Elder Lin's son till death had only left a single offspring behind, the lone Lin Hao Yu. Elder Lin had brought him up and groomed him with utmost care, deeply worried that his grandson would have a life as short as his son.

    Fortunately Lin Hao Yu had still been able to live up to expectations and had a rather healthy body constitution from young and his talents in spirit powers were rather high which made Elder Lin want to expend all resources at his disposal upon that lone grandson of his.
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