Chapter 1644: “The Secret Worry of the Blood Fiend Palace (2)”

    Chapter 1644: "The Secret Worry of the Blood Fiend Palace (2)"

    Seeing with his own eyes his own grandson's talents showing more and more, Elder Lin's heart filled with pride and glee. But who would have thought that he would suddenly go mad not long after just having been accepted into the Cloudy Brook Academy!

    And what made it even more unacceptable to Elder Lin was the fact that his grandson was beaten into lunacy by people!

    Although they were unable to enter into the Cloudy Brook Academy, that did not mean that they knew nothing of the going ons inside. Disciples of the Twelve Palaces who were practising cultivation within the Cloudy Brook Academy would leave Mount Fu Yao on those days the academy opened their doors and bring news of the place to the respective points of contact to let those people bring it back to the palaces.

    And it was in that manner that Elder Lin came to know that his grandson had suffered such harsh treatment within the Cloudy Brook Academy!

    Flame Demons Palace, Qiao Chu.

    Those five words had been branded right into Elder Lin's heart.

    The Blood Fiend Palace and the Flame Demons Palace were already at loggerheads before this and coupled with the fact that Qiao Chu was one of the most illustrious contestants in the last Battle of Spirits Grand Meet, Elder Lin had to pin the blame of this matter onto the Flame Demons Palace.

    Otherwise with Qiao Chu not holding any grudges towards Lin Hao Yu, why would he set out to oppress Lin Hao Yu so much?

    Although Elder Lin was trying his hardest to suppress the anger raging within, his hatred towards the Flame Demons Palace and Qiao Chu was growing by the day. Especially when he looked at the state of lunacy that Lin Hao Yu had fallen into, it just made his heart fill with pain and the grudge stronger.

    Gu Yi looked at Elders gathered within the hall in silence.

    The fact that Elder Lin had brought up the disadvantage the Blood Fiend Palace had suffered in the last Battle of Deities Grand Meet was more or less influenced by self serving interests but he had very cleverly not stated it too clearly but had put it across based on the interests of the Blood Fiend Palace which made it impossible for anyone to refute.

    Moreover, what Elder Lin was saying was not false and the Blood Fiend Palace's current situation was indeed a little awkward.

    Throughout such a good and proper Battle of Deities Grand Meet and they had not been able to attract any of the several people they had set their sights on but had instead lost two of their highly talented disciples which made it rather perplexing indeed.

    "When Xin Yan comes back, I will definitely ask her about what actually happened and if this matter had truly been an intentional act by the Flame Demons Palace, we, the Blood Fiend Palace will surely not let the matter pass so easily. Elder Lin you can rest assured that I will definitely make the Flame Demons Palace and that Qiao Chu give you and Lin Hao Yu an answer to it." Gu Yi said.

    Elder Lin nodded vehemently, an expression of gratitude on his face.

    No matter how much the Twelve Palaces schemed against each other behind the scenes, when one seeked to openly go against another palace, they would still require the Palace Lord to decide. Regardless of how much hatred he harboured, he would still be unable to go against the Blood Fiend Palace's rules and seek to deal with the matter privately.

    "Your subordinate thanks my Lord on Hao Yu's behalf."

    Elder Lin fell to his knees to offer his gratitude.

    Gu Yi waved his hand indicating for him to stand up and spoke a little bit more with the other Elders before dismissing everyone.

    Walking out from the hall, Gu Yi's gaze turned to look at the handsome looking youth standing outside the doors.

    "You heard everything clearly?" Gu Yi's eyes turned slightly chilly.

    Gu Ying who stood outside the doors shrugged his shoulders, his arms crossed over his chest as he leaned lazily against the door and said with a smile: "If you mean all that grumbling from Elder Lin then I had naturally heard it."

    Gu Yi then said sneeringly: "I made you go to the Cloudy Brook Academy to partly deliver medicine to Lin Hao Yu and also to look into what the situation is like inside the Cloudy Brook Academy. What kind of answer did you give me? All was peaceful and well? This is what you call peaceful and well? Lin Hao Yu went mad the day right after you left. Gu Ying, is this what you mean as peaceful and well?"

    Gu Yi's gaze was turning chillier and chillier and at the moment his voice fell he actually sent a slap right across Gu Ying's face. That slap had been extremely loud which immediately left a glaringly red five fingered palm print upon the clear face of Gu Ying's!
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