Chapter 1646: “The Secret Worry of the Blood Fiend Palace (4)”

    Chapter 1646: "The Secret Worry of the Blood Fiend Palace (4)"

    Suddenly, a black shadow walked out from under the dim flickering light, to look at Gu Ying tied up upon the torture rack and his brows creased together slightly.

    "Young Lord."

    Gu Ying's eyes opened slowly as he raised his head, revealing a long lash mark around his neck running down all the way from his ear to his collarbone.

    Under that dim darkness, Gu Ying's eyes glinted with a terrifying chill. The corners of his mouth curled up and the red blood streaked lips looked highly devilish.


    "Why would the Young Lord need to suffer such agony? Would the Young Lord need your subordinate to....."

    Gu Ying shook his head, and laughter escaped from his mouth.

    "Agony? This little bit of injury is just barely scratching the surface. If I am unable to even withstand this little bit, then I would have died thousands of times over so many years."

    The huge number of torture apparatuses the Blood Fiend Palace would have people drawing a deep breath of astoundment. Even throughout all the Twelve Palaces, it would be difficult to find any one of them who would be able to match up to. Almost no one would be able to endure through all the tools of torture here but to Gu Ying, he had had a taste of every single one of them, all those tools having left a deep mark upon his body, where it could be said that he knew everything in that place more intimately than the guards and executors of torture.

    Gu Ying was the only one who had undergone all the forms of punishment, and had not died from it.

    The man's brows creased up even tighter together.

    "Instead of talking about this, shouldn't you be sending people to watch the Cloudy Brook Academy? With them having released all their disciples suddenly, they could only be up to no good. The group of people I sent to the Cloudy Brook Academy before had not a single one come back alive, and I fear that the Cloudy Brook Academy might have discovered something. There must be a reason for their unnatural decision. If you do not wish to have that thing slip out from right beneath your eyes, you'd better send people to watch them closely." Gu Ying seemed to not be feeling the pain upon his body and was telling all this to the black robed man with a cheerful voice.

    "Your subordinate has already sent people to watch them. But the Cloudy Brook Academy has quite a number of powerful experts within and the people we sent over have either met with an untimely end or lost their lives within Mount Fu Yao. It would not be easy for us to watch them closely at all." The black robed man responded, his voice tinged with helplessness.

    Gu Ying stiffened the corners of his lips. "It's just that all of you have been too gentle with them. If only you had struck earlier. Based on the style of the Cloudy Brook Academy, you will only have to gain control over their disciples in training within the academy and those guys at the Cloudy Brook Academy would have to be highly careful with you."

    From Gu Ying's perspective, in order to achieve his objective, it had to be done through any means possible, unscrupulous and without mercy.

    "Yes, Young Lord." The man accepted Gu Ying's admonishment, chastened.

    "Forget it. The monk can run away but the monastery will remain. Since you're unable to go into the Cloudy Brook Academy, just station people at the foot of the mountain and pay close attention. There's no need to get too close as we will only need to know where they are going." Gu Ying said.

    "I understand my orders."

    "Alright, you can be dismissed. I want to rest." Upon saying that, Gu Ying shut his eyes, like he wasn't inside the dungeon at that moment, and there weren't any of those terrifying and garish wounds on his body.

    The man disappeared into the shadows and in mere moments, there wasn't a single trace of his presence anymore, the vastly empty dungeon having only Gu Ying as its lone occupant.

    Ten days later, the disciples who had been released from the Cloudy Brook Academy returned back to the Blood Fiend Palace.

    Gu Yi had even personally gone out to receive them outside the gates, welcoming Gu Xin Yan back to the Blood Fiend Palace. Along the way, the father and daughter pair were highly jovial as they chatted with each other, Gu Yi's eyes filled with the concern and indulgent adoration towards Gu Xin Yan.

    From the beginning to the end, Gu Ying just followed silently at the side, quietly looking at Gu Xin Yan who was showered with Gu Yi's doting love, the smile never once fading from his face.
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