Chapter 1648: “The Secret Worry of the Blood Fiend Palace (6)”

    Chapter 1648: "The Secret Worry of the Blood Fiend Palace (6)"

    Towards the favour her father showed to her, it wasn't that Gu Xin Yan was oblivious to it. She had brought it up before but Gu Yi had changed the subject to divert her attention away from it.

    It wasn't that the very young Gu Xin Yan had not wanted to be on close terms with Gu Ying. Gu Yi only had that one pair of children and Gu Ying had been blessed with extremely good looks which just made the very young Gu Xin Yan yearn to get close to him.

    Initially, the relationship between the two was not so distant. At that time, Gu Xin Yan had always tottered along on her two short legs behind, calling out to her Big Brother Gu Ying incessantly. But it was not known from when it started that Gu Ying began to distant himself away from her, even employing highly bloody and gory methods to drive fear into her, not wanting her to take a single step closer.

    Gradually, the two of them grew more and more distant. Gu Ying's brutality terrified Gu Xin Yan terribly.

    The melodious sounds of string instruments played and the dancers twirled within the Blood Fiend Palace while the youths who had just come back watched on enraptured.

    No one even noticed that the one who should have been placed right at Gu Yi's side, but had been stopped and instead seated right in a corner, the Young Lord, Gu Ying.

    He sat in a place where the bright lanterns' light did not reach, in dim darkness, like he did not fit in with everything happening there.

    He sipped quietly at the wine, the corners of his mouth lifted in wild and uninhibited smile as he watched the celebratory festivities of music and dance.

    "I heard that when all of you were on your way back, there was an incident that occured?" Gu Yi turned to Gu Xin Yan and asked, a smile on his face.

    Gu Xin Yan was slightly taken aback and she asked: "Is Father talking about the incident between the Pure Grace Palace and the Dragon Slayers Palace?"

    Gu Yi nodded.

    The position of the Dragon Slayers Palace among the Twelve Palaces was just beneath that of the Blood Fiend Palace and the Flame Demons Palace, and it could be said that they were highly powerful while the Pure Grace Palace was a little weaker than them. Originally, there was no conflict between these two palaces but after they all came down from Mount Fu Yao, there had been an unexpected accident.

    Just coming out from Mount Fu Yao, the routes the various palaces took were largely similar where they would take a short break after having travelled for a day and the palaces were not all that far away from each other.

    But just as the respective palaces were at rest, an incident that was not neither all that big nor completely too small a deal occurred.

    A disciple from the Pure Grace Palace, whom it was not known whether it was from lust driven courage or something else, actually dared to attempt to attempt to take advantage of the Dragon Slayers Palace's Fei Yan, which stirred up quite a big ruckus then.

    Fei Yan had been one of the top names in the last Battle of Deities Grand Meet and had gained the attention of quite a number of people. Although "a girl", she possessed power in no way inferior to any of the other male youths and she was newfound strength that the Dragon Slayers Palace wanted to groom and grow, a person greatly valued.

    But besides possessing a highly powerful Ring Spirit and exemplary powers, Fei Yan was also blessed with highly eye catching looks. Her beauty had also attracted quite a bit of attention from the exuberant youths. But most of them were sensible enough to not dare go provoke the Dragon Slayers Palace and could only hide their thoughts, keeping them to themselves.

    However, a disciple from the Pure Grace Palace had been daringly audacious who had waited till the night fell silent and quiet when he coaxed Fei Yan to go into the dense forest, seeking to commit atrocities against her. In the end, the disciple had been wounded by Fei Yan's Ring Spirit where the clamour had then startled people from the various palaces awake.

    That incident had immediately caused people from the Dragon Slayers Palace and the Pure Grace Palace to immediately get into an argument. If not for the fact that there were people from other palaces there, the people from those two palaces might have just slugged it out there and then.

    Gu Yi listened till Gu Xin Yan finished her words and his mouth then revealed a sneer.

    "I am thinking that the matter is not that simple right? That Fei Yan possesses significant power and the bunch of youths from the Pure Grace Palace would hardly be her match, so how could they possibly go provoke her so ignorantly? I am of the mind that this matter has been the intentional work of the Dragon Slayers Palace."
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