Chapter 1649: “All Done With Great Acting (1)”

    Chapter 1649: "All Done With Great Acting (1)"

    With the level of might the Pure Grace Palace possessed, even if the young subordinate youths were not sensible enough at times, their adult escorts would still not possibly have permitted them to go do such a thing. Moreover, to these youths who have yet to be officially accepted into the various palaces, they would be highly fearful of giving a bad impression to their escorts even before they had set foot into the palace. If it was said that they would have the courage to commit such a deed, it would be hard to make it convincing.

    Additionally, what kind of a place was the Dragon Slayers Palace? Fei Yan's power had already attracted such a great amount of attention during the Battle of Deities Grand Meet so how many people could possibly not know of her strength?

    Unless that kid from the Pure Grace Palace was an idiot, otherwise, even with all the guts in the world, he wouldn't dare to even think of taking advantage of the Dragon Slayers Palace's Fei Yan as regardless whether it was the Dragon Slayers Palace behind Fei Yan or Fei Yan's own powers, they were both not things that the kid would be able to take on at all.

    Hence, there was no way that Gu Yi would believe that it had all been an accident.

    The incident had not been that carefully calculated and anyone with a brain who thought a little more about it would be able to detect something strange about the whole thing.

    Regarding this point, not only Gu Yi had thought of it, even the people from the Pure Grace Palace knew that this incident could not possibly be as simple as it looks.

    Even if one of their people had been beaten up, the Pure Grace Palace did not dare to make an issue out of it, nor would they dare to go up to the Dragon Slayers Palace to seek an explanation. But as the person from the Pure Grace Palace that Fei Yan had thrashed up had been one of the more talented candidates among this batch of disciples, it had caused the Pure Grace Palace quite a bit of anguish.

    And at the same time that Gu Yi had his suspicions about the whole incident, over on the Dragon Slayers Palace side, they had also just welcomed their disciples back and right after that, Fei Yan was made to remain behind by an Elder of the Dragon Slayers Palace, who wanted to ask about the whole story in detail.

    Although the Dragon Slayers Palace was stronger than the Pure Grace Palace, but unless there was an absolute need, the Dragon Slayers Palace did not want to have a falling out with any one palace. But Fei Yan had bashed up a disciple of the Pure Grace Palace on their way back, which had caused quite a bit of suspicions among people.

    People were guessing that this had been the Dragon Slayers Palace's intention but only people from the Dragon Slayers Palace itself would know that they had not known anything about it before it happened. They had been just like the disciples from the other palaces, only knowing about the news after the new disciples had returned.

    The Dragon Slayers Palace's Elder looked at the pretty "young girl" standing before his eyes and could not help but feel his head start to ache. Speaking purely only in terms of power, Fei Yan was extremely strong. It was highly fortunate that the Dragon Slayers Palace had been able to win themselves this disciple. But having stirred up so much trouble even before she had set foot into the Dragon Slayers Palace, they could not help but feel suspicious about it.

    Under the current circumstances, no one could guarantee that among the disciples they had recruited, there wouldn't be any spies planted by other palaces.

    However, before the Dragon Slayers Palace's Elder could even ask two questions into the matter, he saw great big teardrops sliding down that pretty little face from the corners of Fei Yan's eyes.

    A delicate beauty like that breaking down into a shower of tears in an instant, it immediately threw the elderly Elder into a helpless fluster.

    "Why..... Why are you crying for? I am just asking about what happened then. Don't cry already....." The Elder was at a loss. He was not accustomed to comforting a young little girl. If it had been any other regular disciple, he wouldn't need to mind it so much. But Fei Yan's Ring Spirit was very powerful and if she was a spy, she could be eradicated. But if she wasn't..... losing one of their most valuable disciples would really hurt the Dragon Slayers Palace.

    Hence, before they were able to ascertain Fei Yan's identity, the Dragon Slayers Palace would not dare to sour their relationship with Fei Yan.

    "How could I possibly even make myself say it?" Fei Yan choked pitifully as he wiped his tears, looking so intolerably wronged and aggrieved.
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