Chapter 1650: “All Done With Great Acting (2)”

    Chapter 1650: "All Done With Great Acting (2)"

    The Dragon Slayers Palace's Elder was a little stunned as he stared at the weeping and sobbing Fei Yan and all the incisive and probing questions he had all prepared quickly fell in crumbles onto the floor.

    [Isn't the lass' emotional plunge a little too drastic?]

    Just looking at Fei Yan who was sobbing so hard to be unable to even breathe properly made him look like he had suffered some big grievance, that would immediately cause anyone to pity and sympathise with him, and be unable to use even a single harsh word on him.

    "Oh, don't just cry like that. If you have suffered any grievance, you can just tell me all about it. You are already a member of the Dragon Slayers Palace, and the Dragon Slayers Palace will not allow their disciples to be bullied in anyway out there." The Elder had no choice but to soften his tone a little.

    Fei Yan blinked his big tear filled eyes and sniffled pitifully as he looked at the Elder.

    "Real..... Really? The palace wouldn't despise me because I got into such trouble? Boo hoo..... I really did not mean it..... That person was really very bad and..... and I wanted to run away but he pulled hard at my clothes, not letting me move at all..... With no other choice left, I summoned my Ring Spirit. I really did not mean to hurt him at all! I only..... only....." After barely saying those few sentences, Fei Yan broke into tears again, the bean sized teardrops falling from the corners of his eyes continuously, his little face red from crying.

    Fei Yan had already possessed extremely good looks and now that he was sobbing so hard, he just looked so endearingly pitiful, to the extent that when several of the other Dragon Slayers Palace's disciples who were standing at the side saw such a beauty looking so aggrieved, they found it absolutely heartbreaking to watch, immediately thinking in their minds just how maniacally cruel and heartless that scoundrel from the Pure Grace Palace was, and they wished they could immediately drag that deplorable beast to give him another good thrashing!

    "We wouldn't, we wouldn't do that. You are a member of our Dragon Slayers Palace and it is only natural that we will protect you." The Elder hurried to say quickly. He hadn't been mesmerized by Fei Yan's "beauty", but had instead noticed one point that Fei Yan had mentioned through her words interjected with sobs.

    And that was her Ring Spirit!

    Fei Yan had taken part in the Ring Spirit segment during the last Battle of Deities Grand Meet and the meet's Ring Spirit venue placed great importance on the might of one's Ring Spirit, and did not place much emphasis on one's personal spirit powers.

    Fei Yan was from the Great Ape Tribe and although people from the Great Ape Tribe were born with unparalleled strength, there were limitations to that.

    And that was the men of the Great Ape Tribe were always blessed with great strength, but their women were however slightly weaker than the average female.

    Remembering that point, the fact that Fei Yan was unable to resist against that person from the Pure Grace Palace now seemed rather plausible. Moreover, Fei Yan's might came mainly from her Ring Spirit and not from her own spirit powers. Although she might possess a significant amount of power herself, but that person from the Pure Grace Palace had been one of their top three recruits with the strongest spirit powers. Reassessing the facts now, it seemed that it was not entirely impossible that Fei Yan could be restrained by that person.

    Especially when it was.....

    The Elder looked at the still weeping Fei Yan who was pitifully raining down tears. It had to be said that with Fei Yan's outstanding looks and that "soft and weak" personality of hers, it would be really hard for those youthful and highly exuberant youths to be able to control their impulses against Fei Yan.

    The Elder had somewhat already believed it. Before he had gotten Fei Yan to come forward, he had seeked out the youths who had been admitted into the Cloudy Brook academy together with Fei Yan and asked them things about Fei Yan, like what her personality and temperament was like in the academy and so forth.

    And the content of what those youths had told him, was right about the same as what the Elder was seeing now.

    It was said that when Fei Yan was in the academy, she was already so "demure and weak", never ever getting herself involved in any of the conflicts between the other youths, a highly sensible and obedient "young lady".
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