Chapter 1651: “All Done With Great Acting (3)”

    Chapter 1651: "All Done With Great Acting (3)"

    In truth, the incident with Fei Yan seemed highly illogical at first glance but thinking carefully about it, it did not seem to be entirely impossible.

    A young lady with such a soft nature who possessed such attractive looks and did not know how to turn people down. It could very well cause those youths who harboured sinister intentions to think that they had gotten lucky and had been presented with a opportunity.

    All of these only became possible based on the conditions that Fei Yan was "soft and weak", as a person who "didn't know the rules of the game", and although she held a powerful Ring Spirit, she did not possess strong spirit powers.

    And the Fei Yan that stood before the Elder at that moment, completely fulfilled all those criteria. Just by looking at the eyes that had turned red from crying, one would know how soft and weak minded "that poor child" was.

    He had merely asked her a couple of questions and she had already burst right into tears. She couldn't possibly be a person capable of scheming.

    Logically, if the other palaces were to send a spy, they would choose people who were highly unremarkable to infiltrate into the place. With the powerful might of Fei Yan's Ring Spirit, the other palaces wouldn't be able to bear to use him as a undercover spy. Moreover, none of the other palaces would be dumb enough to make a disciple who had not even been formally accepted into the palace become involved in a conflict with another palace on the way in.

    Wouldn't that be as good as exposing their identity?

    It must be said, Fei Yan had not spoken all that much from the beginning to the end but every small action he made had secretly guided the people from the Dragon Slayers Palace to look at things in the direction he wanted them to.

    The Elder who prided himself on having a sharp eye for detail was completely unaware that he had been duped and led right into the ditch by Fei Yan's superb and flawless acting.

    "Alright. Today's already getting late and you should go get some rest. The palace will deal with this matter and you needn't think too much about it." The Elder said amiably.

    Even if one had a hard of stone, one couldn't possibly pull a long face towards such a delicate and beautiful young lady from their own palace of power, and one who held such great potential at that.

    Fei Yan nodded his head obediently as he wiped at his tears while shuffling himself out from the hall.

    He had just stepped out through the door when a group of youths from the Dragon Slayers Palace who had been waiting outside surged forward anxiously immediately upon seeing Fei Yan.

    "Little Yan, how did it go? Did the Elder come down hard on you?" One of the youths asked as he looked worriedly at Fei Yan.

    The group of youths surrounded Fei Yan completely, all of them eagerly trying to make their presence felt before the beauty.

    They quickly discovered that Fei Yan's eyes were reddened, the glimmer of tears still present within. That bashful and hesitant demeanor tugged at the hearts of the exuberant youths, making them become more anxious.

    The youths were admitted into the Cloudy Brook Academy in the same batch with Fei Yan and back at the academy, their days had revolved around busying themselves endlessly around the "goddess" of their hearts.

    Even when they have now come to the Dragon Slayers Palace, they were all still displaying great concern for Fei Yan.

    "I'm alright. Thank you everybody." Fei Yan said, looking like he was withholding some great grievance, as he showed a faint smile.

    That smile immediately melted the hearts of that entire group of youths.

    "Don't worry, Little Yan! We will definitely tell the Elder about the incident that day entirely! We will definitely get the Elder to seek justice for you!" Upon seeing that weak smile, with their blood surging, the youths all hurried to thump their chests vigorously in promise.

    [Their Little Yan had suffered a needless grievance! They must do everything they can to address the injustice!]

    Fei Yan nodded his head gratefully in silence. Under the mesmerized gazes of the group of youths, he slowly walked away. A pity that the whole bunch of youths there had completely not realized that their "goddess" was half a head taller than many of them in their group!
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