Chapter 1652: “All Done With Great Acting (4)”

    Chapter 1652: "All Done With Great Acting (4)"

    Fei Yan nodded his head gratefully in silence. Under the mesmerized gazes of the group of youths, he slowly walked away. A pity that the whole bunch of youths there had completely not realized that their "goddess" was half a head taller than many of them in their group!

    It was until he returned back to his room that upon the slightly pale pallor that Fei Yan wore, the aggrieved and obedient look on his face vanished in an instant without leaving a single trace behind.

    A wicked smile then appeared right at the corners of Fei Yan's mouth.

    "A bunch of idiots." Fei Yan plopped right back into a chair, propping his foot up to dangle leisurely upon the knee of his other leg, losing all the demure and bashful demeanor from earlier.

    If this true side of Fei Yan was seen by the others in the Dragon Slayers Palace, their jaws would surely drop right to the ground in shock.

    Fei Yan rested his chin in the palm of one hand and went through all that he had done earlier from beginning to end. After ascertaining that he had not missed anything out, he then nonchalantly popped a grape into his mouth.

    Fei Yan had worn girl's clothing from a very young age and her imitation of a girl had become flawless and absolutely perfect. But being male, he understood how the mind of young male youths thought and he knew very well how he was to act exactly, to incite that whole group of exuberant youths into a frenzy.

    The incident with the Pure Grace Palace was just the beginning of their plans and when Fei Yan saw the character "pure" on the jade token, he knew that it was time for him to act.

    Before they reached their respective palaces, the only one among the companions who had a chance to make a move was just him, as the "weak and frail female". What was needed from him, was not a aggressive strike from himself, but to just employ a little few tricks to bait someone to bite.

    And that poor unfortunate one from the Pure Grace Palace, had merely glanced at Fei Yan a few more times than others, before he become chosen as the target by Fei Yan.

    The truth was, on that very night, Fei Yan had thrown several bashful glances at that person, and both intentionally and unintentionally hinted to him, which quickly caused that lecherous scoundrel to jump right into the trap himself.

    Everything that happened after that, followed exactly what Fei Yan had planned in his mind.

    It wasn't that he was unaware that the Dragon Slayers Palace would become suspicious of him, but he just wasn't worried about that in the least. This move in their long game of chess, had him begin to prepare for it right from the very first day they had all been admitted into the Cloudy Brook Academy.

    Low and insignificant spirit powers, a weak minded and frail girl, all of these were false facades he had pretended to portray himself as.

    And that bunch of ignorant youths, had foolishly made themselves to become Fei Yan biggest form of proof.

    Jun Wu Xie had set quite a number of targets for each of them. But as to how it was to be executed and carried out, what kind of methods they would employ, it was left entirely up to them. In the end, it was high time they all showed their abilities in their quest for vengeance. When it came to revenge, it was something no one else could do for you.

    Fei Yan was satisfied with his current situation and the way things stood. He knew, probes like he had undergone today, would continue to happen, but he had already thought it through on how he would deal with it, and he would only need to react accordingly to what was thrown at him in the days ahead.

    Fei Yan turned his head to look at the night sky outside his window, his thoughts drifting far away.

    Only those shallow and foolish young youths would be so easily mesmerized by his tricks. The real kind of attraction, was the kind that stemmed from one's soul.

    Fei Yan's mind then unconsciously conjured up the image of Rong Ruo's countenance. That quick and fleeting appearance, however enraptured Fei Yan more than any beautiful scenery could possibly have.

    Till after they have exacted their revenge, he would then be able to once again live an idyllic life with Rong Ruo.

    Thinking about that, the usually unabashed and thick skinned Fei Yan suddenly felt a warm flush come onto his face, and a unsuppressable smile appearing at the edges of his lips.
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