Chapter 1654: “Birthday Well Wishes (2)”

    Chapter 1654: "Birthday Well Wishes (2)"

    The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord had only one son, aged twenty, and was one of the top leaders among the younger generation in the Dragon Slayers Palace. He possessed handsome looks and had a tall figure, a highly impressive young man.

    Although the Dragon Slayers Palace was gradually growing stronger by the day, they were still quite a distance away from the most powerful Blood Fiend Palace and the Flame Demons Palace. And with the huge gains the Flame Demons Palace had been making with their actions, the Dragon Slayers Palace wasn't feeling all that comfortable about it.

    If they could have Gu Xin Yan, a Young Lord of the Blood Fiend Palace marrying into the Dragin Slayers Palace, then to either the Dragon Slayers Palace or the Blood Fiend Palace, it would lend them both a much needed boost.

    After the Dragon Slayers Palace heard those words, he nodded his head, highly satisfied.

    "Then we'll get him to go. He has been training very hard at his cultivation this past period and he can take this opportunity to rest as well. As for the rest of the people to send to the birthday celebrations, the various Elders can just discuss it among yourselves and decide from there."

    Though it was said to be discussed, the various Elders already had their own candidates decided in their minds.

    This trip to go send well wishes to the Pure Grace Palace Lord's birthday, would merely require them to make an appearance. The various Elders had naturally understood that they needed to send out a group of their best youths there.

    And among them, they would just as naturally not missed out the newfound gem that Fei Yan was. Sending Fei Yan there, would not only show her power prominently, but also exemplify the Dragon Slayers Palace's might, and poke at the Pure Grace Palace all at the same time.

    Towards the lack of response from the Pure Grace Palace, the Dragon Slayers Palace were more or less a little displeased. Since the people from the Pure Grace Palace were not willing to come, they would send Fei Yan to go right over there, to let the people from the Pure Grace Palace practice proper etiquette, forced to receive Fei Yan as a guest. A guest who had beaten up one of their members so badly he was severely wounded.

    When Fei Yan received the news, he merely nodded his head without a word, looking highly obedient.

    But the moment when the person who brought the news left, he immediately shut the door and the soft and demure expression on his face faded away completely.

    "My my, little wonder Little Xie had wanted us to start off with the Pure Grace Palace. That little lass must have known that the Pure Grace Palace Lord was going to celebrate his birthday." Fei Yan said to himself as he rubbed at his chin. If truth was to be told, when Jun Wu Xie had initially given the hint that it was to be the Pure Grace Palace, he had gone to stir up trouble for them. But after coming into the Dragon Slayers Palace, he was thrown into a state where he was cut off from the rest of the world. Not to mention finding anymore trouble with the Pure Grace Palace, he could not even step out from the Dragon Slayers Palace.

    He had still been worrying that the mission Jun Wu Xie handed to them could not be completed and in the end, this event had fallen right at his feet!

    Fei Yan could almost be certain that all of this had already been within Jun Wu Xie's calculations.

    "That little lass' brain can really whirl!" Fei Yan could not help but to exclaim impressed, his face twisted up with an evil smile and his mind raced as he started to plot how he could use this chance to stir up more strife.

    On Mount Fu Yao, within the Spirit Jade Palace.

    Jun Wu Xie came walking out from the tranquil little courtyard, as Ye Sha and Ye Gu followed behind in silence.

    Outside the little courtyard, when several young girls from the Spirit Jade Palace saw that trio appear, they no longer panicked but just gathered close together to giggle, keeping a far distance away as they pointed their fingers at the three people, to whisper among themselves.

    This group of girls who had never interacted with outsiders before, especially ones of the opposite sex had after Jun Wu's tyrannical move into the Spirit Jade Palace with his subordinates, gradually grown to accept all of this. From the initial shyness and anxiety, to being able to laugh and joke now. Although they still did not dare to go near to them, it was already a great improvement from before.

    But Jun Wu Xie wasn't too concerned with that. She continued on her way leading Ye Sha and Ye Gu straight towards the main hall that the Spirit Jade Palace Lord was at.
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