Chapter 1655: “Birthday Well Wishes (3)”

    Chapter 1655: "Birthday Well Wishes (3)"

    But Jun Wu Xie wasn't too concerned with that. She continued on her way leading Ye Sha and Ye Gu straight towards the main hall that the Spirit Jade Palace Lord was at.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord was lying on his side upon the plush lounge as he gazed lazily to see Jun Wu Xie appear before his eyes, a twitch slowly forming upon his handsome countenance.

    Only the Heavens knew how much he yearned to not see that brat's face any longer.

    "What more do you want?" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord felt that his choice to work together with Jun Wu Xie back then was a mistake.

    No matter how he protested and rejected him, the kid still went about doing things his way as he pleased. In the end, he decided to simply not say anything and just let the kid run loose. Fortunately, besides being just a little egoistical, the kid acted a lot more appropriately with other things, and he had never antagonized the other disciples of the Spirit Jade Palace. Otherwise, the Spirit Jade Palace Lord wouldn't know whether he would raise his hand to throw the kid out himself.

    Of course, there was a prerequisite to that even happening. It could only be carried out when those two door guardians at Jun Wu's side were not around!

    "Do you still remember the agreement between us?" Jun Wu Xie asked as she looked calmly at the Spirit Jade Palace Lord, automatically disregarding the utter disdain in the Palace Lord's eyes.

    "I have naturally not forgotten." The Spirit Jade Palace Lord replied with a lift of his eyebrow. If not for the fact that this kid had set such tempting conditions for the agreement in the beginning, how would he have been lured onto this pirate ship of hers! ?

    "Ten days after today, it's the Pure Grace Palace Lord's birthday, and the various palaces will send their people to deliver well wishes. You can go collect a portion of your interest already." Jun Wu Xie said nonchalantly, but her words had made the Spirit Jade Palace Lord unable to keep himself calm.


    [That one word could carry a meaning of astronomical proportions or be of no significance. Could Jun Wu be intending to do something during the Pure Grace Palace Lord's birthday banquet?]

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord restrained the contempt in his eyes as his gaze became tinged with wariness.

    Although the Pure Grace Palace was not comparable with the Flame Demons Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace in any way, but to be able to maintain its own standing and not crumble among the Twelve Palaces, without having to become fully oppressed by other palaces, the Pure Grace Palace would naturally possess its own kind of strength. And on the Pure Grace Palace Lord's birthday, according to the rules of the Twelve Palaces, they would naturally send people to deliver their well wishes. Such matters were naturally what the Spirit Jade Palace Lord had experienced before the Spirit Jade Palace fell into decline.

    It might be termed as sending their well wishes, but it was more like an event where the various palaces sent out a bunch of their most talented disciples to flaunt their might, turning it into a way they all showed themselves off.

    And Jun Wu had actually chosen this period of time to extend an invitation to him, which just made it obvious that the kid was thinking to do something during the banquet.


    The banquet would be held in the Pure Grace Palace, and during that period, the elites from the various palaces would also be present. Just how bold was this kid to actually choose this most unsuitable time to go wreck havoc upon the Twelve Palaces?

    [Had water leaked into his brain?]

    "You're certain that you are going there to"collect my interest" and not going there to give your life away?" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord asked with his eyes narrowed as he looked at Jun Wu. It wasn't that he did not believe in Jun Wu's abilities, but it was just that such a method was too bold and daring. One single careless misstep if discovered would have the kid immediately sink into a hopeless situation, surrounded and besieged from all sides. Even with both Ye Sha and Ye Gu's protection, for Jun Wu to escape unscathed under the all round siege from the Pure Grace Palace and the elites of the other various palaces, would not be such an easy feat.

    [This kid is toying with his life!]

    "Go if you believe me, do as you wish if you do not." Jun Wu Xie had not intended to explain all that much to the Spirit Jade Palace Lord. She had come to tell the Spirit Jade Palace Lord this merely because she wanted to keep her side of the bargain in the agreement between them.

    A corner of the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's mouth twitched slightly, his heart longing to deliver one good palm strike to smack this little brat dead.

    [When then will this kid learn to converse properly! ?]
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