Chapter 1656: “Birthday Well Wishes (4)”

    Chapter 1656: "Birthday Well Wishes (4)"

    "I'll give you five minutes' time to consider." Jun Wu Xie said.

    "....." The urge to strangle Jun Wu to death rose up within the Spirit Jade Palace Lord once more.

    [Go? How was he supposed to go?]

    Before the Spirit Jade Palace fell into decline, he had never gone to any of such events. With the kind of "unique condition" he was afflicted with, asking him to go to the Pure Grace Palace and seeing the squeezy crowd with all those men..... Just the thought of it made the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's skin crawl.

    [This kid obviously knows about that and here he is asking him to do that. What other motives could he be hiding?]

    "My Lord!" A gentle and sweet sounding voice suddenly rang out.

    It was not known from when the figure of Zi Jin had appeared within the main hall and she walked slowly to come before the Spirit Jade Palace Lord to kneel down.

    "Zi Jin is willing to accompany Young Master Jun to go to the Pure Grace Palace." Zi Jin said determinedly with her head lowered.

    The oppression the Spirit Jade Palace had suffered for so many years could not have been any clearer to Zi Jin. If what Jun Wu said was really true, that he would be able to deliver a severe blow to the Twelve Palaces, she was willing to go pay witness to it with her own eyes.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord arched up an eyebrow slightly and looked at Zi Jin who had her head lowered before him. After a moment, he raised up his head to look at Jun Wu.

    "Can Zi Jin go on my behalf?"

    Jun Wu Xie nodded her head. She was merely offering a choice towards their cooperation and it would not matter to her at all who went there.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord then turned back to look at Zi Jin.

    "Zi Jin, I shall order you to go forth, together with Young Master Jun to the Pure Grace Palace. But there is one thing you must definitely keep in mind. No matter what happens, you must not act rashly. What you do will not only involve just you yourself, but the entire Spirit Jade Palace." The Spirit Jade Palace Lord's voice suddenly sounded rather severe, and a notch less of his usual languid nonchalance.

    Zi Jin had been brought up under his hand, and he knew very well what kind of personality Zi Jin had.

    Zi Jin had a simple and honest nature, but was also easily easily provoked. Her inability to hold her composure was her most critical and deadly weakness. Once they go into the Pure Grace Palace, they would be like lambs within a horde of wolves, where the slightest slip up would result in the bones being picked clean.

    "Zi Jin understands." Zi Jin acknowledged obediently.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord was still a little worried and he could not stop himself from saying to Jun Wu: "You have bummed so much food and drinks off my Spirit Jade Palace for so long and today I will hand Zi Jin over to you. I will take it as we've agreed that no matter whether you succeed or not, you have to bring her back safe and sound. Otherwise, our cooperation will henceforth be terminated."

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    The Spirit Jade Palace Lord reminded Zi Jin with a few more words and then allowed Jun Wu and his people to leave.

    Walking out from the Spirit Jade Palace, the sunlight shone upon the ground. The skies were completely clear, the weather considerably nice.

    Compared to the Spirit Jade Palace where it was like spring all year round, Mount Fu Yao felt to be slightly colder. Zi Jin was a little unaccustomed to it following behind Jun Wu and his men, the sudden low temperature causing her to shudder.

    Right at that moment, a thick cloak was pushed into her hands. Zi Jin raised her head up in surprise, to meet the cold and indifferent eyes of Jun Wu.

    "Put it on." Jun Wu Xie said emotionlessly, immediately turning herself around to continue on their way after saying that.

    Zi Jin opened her mouth slightly and looked at the cloak in her hands before looking up to stare at Jun Wu's back, her large eyes filling up with a glimmer.

    Ye Sha and Ye Gu followed behind Jun Wu Xie and turned to look at Zi Jin who had fallen slightly behind, to see the strange look in her eyes.

    It was fine with Ye Gu, who just thought that their Young Miss was really "gentle and considerate".

    But Ye Sha's eyes showed a subtle change. He seemed to have seen in Zi Jin's eyes, the same sentiment that he had previously seen in the eyes of Qu Ling Yue.....
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