Chapter 1657: “Birthday Well Wishes (5)”

    Chapter 1657: "Birthday Well Wishes (5)"

    [That could not bode well at all.....]

    Ye Sha was feeling a little speechless. Their Young Miss' personality was cold. But those unconscious little sweet and considerate gestures of hers had really made those bumbling little girls fall head over heels.....

    The truth was, these little "considerate" gestures were just Jun Wu Xie imitating others as she did not understand all this at all. She didn't know what it could to the hearts of young girls when she treated them in such a manner while being dressed as a male.

    Ye Sha just sighed inwardly to himself and pretended to not have discovered anything, praying in his heart that when Lord Jue returned, his Lord would not fly into a rage when he discovers all of these.

    Walking down Mount Fu Yao, the foot of the mountain was sparse with any sign of people. Treading upon the road, Zi Jin wore the cloak, and wrapped herself up within it snugly, occasionally lifting her head up, her gaze inexorably falling upon the back of Jun Wu Xie fleetingly.

    After walking for a rather long period, Zi Jin finally could not endure the dead silence anymore and she opened her mouth to ask: "We're going to the Pure Grace Palace just like that?"

    Jun Wu Xie's steps paused and she turned to look at Zi Jin, her eyes questioning.

    Zi Jin's face immediately blushed and faking a brave front, she said: "My looks had been seen by quite a number of people back then on Mount Fu Yao. They already know that I am from the Spirit Jade Palace. Are you really intending to go there just like this?"

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head. "We're not going to the Pure Grace Palace yet."

    "Huh?" Zi Jin was slightly taken aback.

    Jun Wu Xie then said: "You do not have to worry. I will arrange everything." She turned to continue on forward upon saying that.

    [You do not have to worry. I will arrange everything.]

    Those few highly simple words, when they fell onto Zi Jin's heart, stirred up a series of ripples in that calm placid lake.

    Jun Wu Xie had no intentions of going to the Pure Grace Palace just like that. Without having to mention Zi Jin having been caught in a ruckus on Mount Fu Yao before, just Jun Wu's face by itself must definitely not appear before the Twelve Palaces. Otherwise, without needing Zi Jin to show up, everyone would know that people from the Spirit Jade Palace had come.

    Jun Wu Xie did not rush her way straight towards the Pure Grace Palace but had instead slowly led Zi Jin and the others to come to a main thoroughfare. They stopped to rest upon reaching there and Jun Wu Xie did not say what they were doing at all which just made Zi Jin's heart bubble with countless questions.

    But Ye Sha and Ye Gu never questioned much and Zi Jin had naturally not dared to mouth off too much. Hence, she could only remain there with them quietly.

    After half a day had passed, upon that wide road, two horse carriages came tumbling from afar. The two horse carriages were exquisitely crafted and what attracted people's attention the most was the banner unfurled above the carriages. Upon the silver white banners, were embroidered with an image of a new moon in dark gold colour.

    This emblem, throughout the Middle Realm, was known by everyone. It belonged to one of the Twelve Palaces, the emblem of the Shadow Moon Palace!

    On this road that Jun Wu Xie and her group waited on, was the road that the Shadow Moon Palace had to take to go to the Pure Grace Palace!

    Within the bumpy and jostling horse carriage, several youths sat together in the first carriage. The wheels tumbled along and the several youths inside had been jolted by the carriage for five days already. They had become a little lazy, their bodies heavily slanted as they leaned against the sides of the carriage, like they had been sapped of all their strength.

    There was only one youth who sat with his body straight and upright, whom the other youths subconsciously sat further apart from. Even though the other few of them were rather squashed in there together, no one dared to intrude into the space around that one youth.

    "How much longer will it be till we reach the Pure Grace Palace? This body of mine is almost falling apart already." A youth lamented as he stretched his arms, his face twisted up, looking highly aggrieved.

    Delivering well wishes for a person's birthday was to be a good thing. But under the current circumstances where the Twelve Palaces were secretly plotting against each other, it could no longer be considered as something good. They all knew it clearly in their hearts, that besides their own people, once they reach the Pure Grace Palace, all that they would come to face would only be opponents who did not see eye to eye with them.
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