Chapter 1658: “Borrow to Use (1)”

    Chapter 1658: "Borrow to Use (1)"

    "Bear with it just a little longer. I wonder if those people at the Pure Grace Palace would prepare suitable living quarters for us. If no one bothers about us when we reach there, it would be really infuriating." Another one of the youths could not help but grumble.

    The Shadow Moon Palace and the Pure Grace Palace were not far from each other but their relationship was not that good. Having two palaces just slightly closer together, had brought about more instances of clashes in their fight for might. It could be said that their relations in private were highly strained. With it being the birthday celebration for the Pure Grace Palace Lord this time, although an invitation had been sent to the Shadow Moon Palace, the Shadow Moon Palace had purposely dragged it out till the last minute, before they carelessly sent out a few youths who had just recently joined the Shadow Moon Palace to go deliver well wishes.

    The meaning behind their actions showing half heartedness.

    And among the group of people from the Shadow Moon Palace, the only one who could be considered to carry any weight, would be the the youth who sat straight backed. It was rumoured that that youth was the godson of some Elder within the Shadow Moon Palace and he had grown up in the Shadow Moon Palace from young. In the Shadow Moon Palace, he was considered to be outstanding but there was just one point that the other youths disliked.

    And that was his stubbornness.

    The youth did not speak much, and possessed good powers. Logically, he should be one of the leaders of the pack among his peers. But this person had instead chosen to only listen to that Elder and nobody else, never liking to speak to any other person much. Even when other youths were friendly to him, he would just brush them off with cold and unfriendly words.

    As time passed, he became estranged from the other youths and people in the Shadow Moon Palace just innocuously left him alone.

    On this journey, the other youths joked and bantered and he was the only one ostracized. But he did not seem to mind it in the least as he just sat quietly, his eyes directed towards his nose and his nose pointed at his heart, remaining so silent like he was not there at all.

    "Who knows." The group of youths grumbled out of dire boredom.

    The advancing carriage then suddenly jolted violently, which caused the youths inside the carriage to lurch forward, several of them crashing together in a clump, looking highly wretched.

    The horse carriage had suddenly stopped!

    The youths inside the carriage finally managed to pick themselves up and with their mood already driven into frustration by the toll of the journey, the youths became angry.

    "What happened! ? Do you even know how to drive a carriage! ? Are you tired of living?" One of the youths shouted as he jumped out in a huff from inside the carriage, all prepared to teach the coachman a lesson.

    But after moments passed, there wasn't a sound coming from outside the car.

    The several youths inside the carriage then felt it to be rather strange.

    Suddenly, the faint scent of blood wafted in from outside the carriage.

    "That kid couldn't have accidentally killed the coachman could he? Then who will drive the carriage! ?" One of the youths said a little worriedly as his brows creased together upon smelling the scent of blood. But his words were so cold hearted and callous. What he cared about was not the fact that his companion could have killed an innocent man but was worried that there would be no one to drive the carriage.

    The reactions of the other youths were all similar and the few of them stepped out one by one, intending to see what was going on.

    But the moment they stepped out from the horse carriage, the faces of the youths immediately turned deathly pale!

    They saw upon the wide road before them, stained red with blood. The youth who had jumped out of the carriage just moments before, had his head decapitated, his headless body lying grotesquely within the pool of his own blood, the garish red stinging the eyes of every single youth there!

    And within that bloody and gory scene, a young youth stood, poised and refined before the horse, his hand raised up to slowly placate the startled animal.

    "Jun..... Jun Wu....." One of the youths immediately identified the person standing right before them!
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