Chapter 1659: “Borrow to Use (2)”

    Chapter 1659: "Borrow to Use (2)"

    "Jun..... Jun Wu....." One of the youths immediately identified the person standing right before them!

    The tiny little youth placating the horse was no one else but truly the very same Jun Wu who had trained in cultivation within the Cloudy Brook Academy just like they had!

    The several youths there were coincidentally disciples who had just been released from the Cloudy Brook Academy and had not been in the Shadow Moon Palace for all that long. Hence, they had naturally been able to recognize the one with the "resounding reputation", Jun Wu!

    "Jun Wu..... Why are you here?" The youths were stunned to suddenly see Jun Wu and their gazes quickly darted nervously around to see if there were any other ambush. But searching a circle around them, they did not discover anyone else around.

    That allowed the youths to finally ease their hearts in relief.

    They had naturally known very clearly what Jun Wu's acceptance into the Cloudy Brook Academy had been based on and they knew that Jun Wu possessed merely an average amount of spirit power. So, strictly speaking, Jun Wu would not be a match for them. But they still did not understand why Jun Wu would suddenly appear here, and how did their companion that had fallen to the ground even died?

    They all did not think that Jun Wu would be able to kill their companion with the meagre power the kid had.

    Jun Wu Xie raised her eyes up slowly and looked at the several youths, her eyes calm and placid, chilly as an icy lake.

    "How did he die?" One of the youths asked Jun Wu with his brows creased together.

    Jun Wu Xie turned her eyes to glance at the body on the ground but did not say anything.

    "I'm asking you a question!" The youth became impatient when he did not get an answer but he did not dare make any rash moves as who knew whether there would be any other traps laid around here?

    "I feel this kid gives me the creeps so let's just go." A youth who was a little more timid said nervously.

    If it was said that there was only Jun Wu here alone, they would naturally not be afraid. But they did not think that Jun Wu had the capability to kill their companion at all.

    Jun Wu was a member of the Spirit Jade Palace and with the Spirit Jade Palace having been oppressed by the Twelve Palaces for so many years, who knew what they would do? It could very well be that people from the Spirit Jade Palace were hiding in places where they could not see in ambush, awaiting for the right opportunity to strike.

    Several of the youths felt a chill in their hearts and immediately did not dare to remain there, anxious to want to climb into the carriage to continue on their way.

    But right at that moment, Jun Wu Xie's voice suddenly sounded.

    "Hold it."

    The bodies of the youths froze as they turned their heads to look at Jun Wu, their gazes highly wary as they peered all around them, fearful that people would jump out in a sneak attack.

    "Did I say that you can go?" Jun Wu Xie's chilling voice rang out upon the wide thoroughfare.

    "Jun Wu! What do you mean by that! ?" The youths' hearts were chilled as they looked nervously around, nagged by a feeling that people from the Spirit Jade Palace hiding in ambush would jump out at them at any moment to take their lives.

    "Jun Wu, there are no grudges between us and back in the Cloudy Brook Academy, we have never provoked you before, why do you need to do this?"

    The faces of the youths were all turning an ugly shade. Who knew who was the one who killed their companion? They could only feel fear in their hearts at that moment.

    "Get off." Jun Wu Xie said chillingly.

    The youths really felt like crying, but they did not dare defy Jun Wu's words, and could only come climbing down the carriage obediently, but not daring to stray too far away from it, one by one sticking their backs against the side of the carriage.

    "Jun Wu, at the very least, we trained together at the same time in the Cloudy Brook Academy, will you..... will you be able to find it within yourself to spare us on account that we were from the same batch of disciples?" A youth whose knees were knocking themselves together begged mournfully.
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