Chapter 1661: “Borrow to Use (4)”

    Chapter 1661: "Borrow to Use (4)"

    "Bind him." Jun Wu Xie tossed her order out and then climbed into the carriage.

    The youth was slightly surprised and before he could react, he was tightly bound up by Ye Sha and carried up to be dumped into the second carriage where the birthday gift was put in.

    As the coachman had been thrown into the bushes by Jun Wu Xie, the two horse carriages had to be driven by Ye Sha and Ye Gu.

    Jun Wu Xie and Zi Jin sat within the horse carriage and Zi Jin's gaze was a little flustered.

    She had just witnessed something that was very much like "robbery", and was feeling that there should be something wrong with what had been done. Zi Jin had not known how Jun Wu was intending to go to the Pure Grace Palace and looking at the current situation, she finally understood it.

    Jun Wu was intending to use the Shadow Moon Palace's name to go send birthday well wishes to the Pure Grace Palace Lord!

    Looking throughout the lands under the Heavens, for someone who was able to so easily rob people from the Twelve Palaces, it was thought that there should only be this one here.

    "We are going to impersonate people from the Shadow Moon Palace to go to the Pure Grace Palace?" Zi Jin asked while seated within the carriage, looking warily at Jun Wu, thinking that Jun Wu today gave her a highly different feeling from before. She had thought that Jun Wu was a ice glacier who did not care about anything but this mountainous glacier seemed to be capable of deeds that would have shocked many people.

    "Mm." Jun Wu Xie nodded her head. She then pulled a human skin mask out from her Cosmos Sack and handed it to Zi Jin.

    "Wear it." Upon saying that, Jun Wu Xie then pulled out another one for herself and then put in on.

    These masks were acquired from the auction houses when she was in the Lower Realm and compared to altering one's looks with medicine, this one lasted for a longer period of time, but slightly uncomfortable to wear. Going to the Pure Grace Palace, Jun Wu Xie could not be certain that no one would be able to recognize her and in order to avoid any unexpected accidents, covering her looks completely would be the best option to take.

    Zi Jin obediently put the mask on and in the next moment, that pretty countenance changed to become one of a delicate young girl, diminishing a little of her beauty which would not draw people's attention to her so much.

    Jun Wu Xie's outlook was still one of a average looking youth, but her facial features all changed slightly.

    After putting on the mask properly, Zi Jin just looked at Jun Wu quietly, unable to fathom what kind of intentions Jun Wu had in mind.

    "Why did you..... want to keep that youth with us?" Zi Jin could not hold herself back from asking.

    When Jun Wu had led Ye Sha and Ye Gu to carry out the "robbery" earlier, she had just froze in shock at the side, unable to react at all. But the words the youth from the Shadow Moon spoke, she had heard them highly clearly.

    That youth had definitely said that if Jun Wu did not kill him, he would come kill Jun Wu in future. So why would Jun Wu still want to keep the person with them?

    "Useful." Jun Wu Xie said indifferently. What Zi Jin did not know, was that Jun Wu Xie had seen a kind of numbed and jaded dimness in the youth's eyes that she was highly familiar with. It was not important what the youth said as what Jun Wu Xie was concerned about was the lifeless eyes on the youth, like life and death in this world had nothing to do with him at all.

    Such a feeling was not foreign to Jun Wu Xie. In her past life, when she had been imprisoned inside the cage, she had experienced that before. Life or death, happiness or agony held no meaning to her. Everything her eyes saw was grey and white, without a single tinge of colour.

    That was when one was oppressed to the point of utter despair.

    Jun Wu Xie was certain that the youth was different from the other disciples of the Shadow Moon Palace and keeping him with them would be useful to her.

    Without needing to speak about anything else, just that pair of eyes alone would be enough to make Jun Wu Xie want to spare his life.
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