Chapter 1662: “Opportunity of One’s Own Choice (1)”

    Chapter 1662: "Opportunity of One's Own Choice (1)"

    Zi Jin looked on at Jun Wu, seemingly unable to understand what the youth before her eyes was thinking in his mind even more. Zi Jin had a feeling, that even if she opened her mouth to ask more about it, she wouldn't get the answer that she wanted.

    Curling both her legs close, her arms wrapped around her knees, Zi Jin looked at the side of Jun Wu's face, quietening herself down.

    It was the Pure Grace Palace Lord's birthday and the Pure Grace Palace had buntings and lanterns hanging everywhere, in celebration of the Palace Lord's upcoming birthday early before it arrived.

    From what Jun Wu Xie could see, the demarcation of power between the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples was very much like the demarcation between countries back in the Lower Realm. Every palace among the Twelve Palaces possessed their own territories under their jurisdiction. Places within a particular jurisdiction, everyone in there had to obey the respective palace where they would receive protection in return.

    With the Pure Grace Palace Lord's birthday fast approaching, more and more people were coming to the Pure Grace Palace to bring well wishes.

    It was not just the other eleven palaces. In the Middle Realm, besides the One Region, Four Sides, Nine Temples and Twelve Palaces, there were also many smaller powers scattered around. The might those powers possessed naturally could not be compared to on equal standing with the highly powerful Twelve Palaces and the reason they could survive till this day was because firstly, they were careful not to break the rules and secondly, it was because they were "harmonious" with the Twelve Palaces.

    Whenever the time came when there was a need to, they would spare no effort in presenting up all kinds of treasures, and because of their "obedience", the Twelve Palaces had silently consented to their existence.

    Jun Wu Xie and their horse carriages slowly drove inside the Pure Grace Palace's territories. On the wide road, they were many more horse carriages carrying all sorts of banners, most of the carriages filled with birthday gifts that were to be presented to the Pure Grace Palace Lord.

    The youth bound up by Jun Wu Xie was rather cooperative, never fussing or creating a ruckus along the entire journey. He ate what he was given, and drank what they gave him, so cooperative that it made people subconsciously forget that he was a hostage that Jun Wu Xie had taken from the "robbery".

    Before going into the Pure Grace Palace, Jun Wu Xie temporarily stopped the horse carriages in one of the nearby cities, to find them an inn to stay in.

    Although it was within the territories of the Pure Grace Palace, the banners of the Shadow Moon Palace made many of the citizens feel fear and trepidation. When the servant at the inn saw the banners on the horse carriage, his legs immediately started to shake and even the innkeeper hurried himself forward to go welcome them. After a good period of fawning, the innkeeper then respectfully led Jun Wu Xie and her delegation to the best room they had.

    Zi Jin went back to her room first to rest, and Jun Wu Xie got Ye Sha to bring the youth they had bound up for quite a period into her room.

    The youth suddenly raised his head but found himself faced with a youth with an unfamiliar face, but for the pair of eyes which made her feel like she had seen them before, instantly understanding the changes on Jun Wu's face.

    Having brought to come before Jun Wu, the youth still did not kick up a fuss but just stood there without moving in the slightest, his eyes showing no hatred nor fear, but just complete indifference.

    Jun Wu Xie propped up her chin on her palm, to look at the youth with a cold and indifferent expression on his face. She could almost see her past self in the youth before her.

    "You have a grudge against the Shadow Moon Palace?" Jun Wu Xie asked suddenly.

    The youth was slightly taken aback, his brows creasing up slightly as he looked at Jun Wu with a rather complicated gaze.

    "How does it feel to have to risk your life serving one's own enemy?" Jun Wu Xie continued to ask.

    The youth's brows furrowed up even further, but he still did not deny the point brought up.

    "I do not know what kind of animosity you have against the Shadow Moon Palace, but I can offer you an opportunity right now, an opportunity to be able to exact revenge for yourself. Whether you want it, would depends on what you choose of your own accord." Jun Wu Xie said slowly as she raised her eyes to look at the youth.
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