Chapter 1663: “Choose Your Own Opportunities (2)”

    Chapter 1663: "Choose Your Own Opportunities (2)"

    Surprise finally appeared on the youth's face but reverted back to it had very quickly. He lowered his head slowly and said in an almost inaudible whisper: "I do not have a choice."

    "Oh?" Jun Wu Xie arched up an eyebrow.

    The youth raised his head and his gaze met Jun Wu Xie's.

    "i do not have a choice. Whoever he wants me to kill, I have to kill."

    "If you do not choose, how do you know you have no choice?" Jun Wu Xie said.

    "My sister is in his hands." The youth stated.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at the youth. "Tell me and see what it's about."

    Without knowing why, the youth felt that Jun Wu was not intending to kill him and there seemed to be a voice in his heart telling him that this could be his very last chance right before his eyes.

    "I am the godson of Elder Yue in the Shadow Moon Palace, or should it be said, I am his puppet....."

    The youth's name was called Yue Yi and his parents were once disciples of the Shadow Moon Palace who unexpectedly lost their lives while out on a mission, leaving behind the merely seven year old Yue Yi and his three year old sister. After their parents died, Yue Yi and his sister were adopted by Elder Yue, to become Elder Yue's grandson and granddaughter.

    Elder Yue was an Elder of great seniority in the Shadow Moon Palace and had blood ties with the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, elevating his status a notch up above that of the other Elders.

    From young, Yue Yi had shown himself to be rather gifted and after he was adopted by Elder Yue, Elder Yue had increased his daily cultivation training load, sparing no effort in grooming him.

    This should have made Yue Yi feel indebted and grateful for the kindness shown in bringing him up but under that beautiful facade, was dirt that people could not even look straight at.

    Yue Yi was handsome looking and had been highly outstanding from young. When he was very young, he was often mistaken as a girl.

    Initially, when Yue Yi was just adopted by Elder Yue, he had not felt that there was anything amiss. Although Elder Yue was advanced in age, he was highly amicable and benevolent, and he treated his sister very well too.

    Till one day when Yue Yi was summoned alone into Elder Yue's room. That was when the nightmare began.....

    What was shown on the surface, Yue Yi was the grandson that Elder Yue doted upon. But in truth, he became the vessel that Elder Yue vented himself upon, and as Yue Yi grew older and his powers increased, he still did not have any chances of breaking free from it.

    Because his one and only blood kin, his very own sister, was under the grasp of Elder Yue's hands.

    For so many years, Yue Yi had been willing to endure everything, only because Elder Yue had never raised a hand against his sister, and that was the only one thing he cared about in life.

    As long as his sister was held under the grip of Elder Yue, Yue Yi would never be free in this life.

    Jun Wu Xie listened to everything that Yue Yi said, and her brows furrowed up slightly. She had been able to feel that Yue Yi's loyalty wasn't truly devoted to the Shadow Moon Palace but the truth behind that had made her utterly disgusted!

    "I am unable to make any choices and you can either choose to kill me now or when I return to the Shadow Moon Palace and Elder Yue finds out about all of you ambushing the carriages, he would surely send me out in pursuit and persecution. I know that I myself am not a match for all of you but to avoid trouble, why not kill me now?" Yue Yi looked at Jun Wu Xie calmly as he spoke, like the unbearable past he spoke of was not his at all, and there was not the slightest glimmer of light within his eyes.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed up. She had struck against the Twelve Palace seeking to protect herself and for vengeance. But when she came to understand that such dirty deeds were being committed within the Shadow Moon Palace, it just steeled her initial resolve to obliterate all of them.

    Suddenly, Jun Wu Xie turned to look at Yue Yi and said: "It's true you have no choice and before you now, there is only one path for you to take."
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