Chapter 1664: “Choose Your Own Opportunities (3)”

    Chapter 1664: "Choose Your Own Opportunities (3)"

    "Kill off Elder Yue, destroy the Shadow Moon Palace and rescuing your sister. Will you walk on that path or not?" Jun Wu Xie said with her eyes narrowed up slightly, staring straight at Yue Yi. She had not planned to strike at the Shadow Moon Palace so quickly but she didn't mind bringing the matter forward a little.

    Afterall, she wasn't going to spare a single one of the palaces was she?

    Yue Yi looked at Jun Wu Xie in surprise, a glint of shock in his eyes. This youth in front of him was obviously a few years younger than he was but without knowing why, every word the kid said made his heart shake and tremble a little.

    "Whether you believe me or not, you do not need to choose now. After this trip to the Pure Grace Palace is done, it will still not be too late for you to choose." Jun Wu Xie was in no rush to get a reply from him, as she knew very clearly what that reply would be.

    As there was no other paths for him to retreat back into.

    Just like she had been in the beginning, there had only been one path open for her to tread.

    "During this period at the Pure Grace Palace, you will be the representative of the Shadow Moon Palace and we are all your companions. Do you understand?" Jun Wu Xie said as she looked at Yue Yi.

    "You're not afraid that I'll betray you?" Yue Yi did not know from where Jun Wu was getting his confidence from. Not only was he not killed, he was given this level of freedom. Once he appeared within the Pure Grace Palace and if he was to reveal the truth of the situation there, then Jun Wu would find himself surrounded on all sides by enemies.

    [Wasn't he afraid of that happening at all?]

    Jun Wu Xie lifted up an eyebrow. "Would you even give up on this one and only opportunity?"

    Yue Yi was stunned and he immediately lowered his eyes.

    "Ye Sha, untie him." Jun Wu Xie ordered.

    Ye Sha immediately unraveled the ropes tied around Yue Yi, his demeanor seemingly not on guard at all.

    "You can go get yourself some rest now." Jun Wu Xie said with a shrug of her shoulders.

    Yue Yi gazed deeply at Jun Wu a moment before he turned and walked away.

    Till Yue Yi had left, Ye Sha could not help but to open his mouth to ask: "Young Miss really trusts this person?"

    Jun Wu Xie picked up the teapot on the table and poured herself a cup of hot tea before sipping at it slowly.

    "Why not?"

    People who had never experienced utter despair would never know how much the last straw of hope that could save your life really meant.

    Trapped within a future devoid of all light, even when one had to bash through a path filled with blood and be branded as a murderer through the massacre, it would not dissuade that person in the slightest.

    Yue Yi could choose not to think for himself, but he could not afford not to take just one gamble for the sake of his sister.

    Having endured endless humiliation for his sister for so many years and daring to be so upfront with a complete stranger like her, this youth must have already been pushed into a desperate corner.

    "Looking at Yue Yi, he should be around seventeen or eighteen years old and his sister should already be one who is just budding with beauty. For a devil who had not even been willing to spare a handsome youth like him, would he be able to keep his claws off a budding young lady?" Jun Wu Xie's eyes were lowered as they brimmed over with oozing hatred within.

    What she could never tolerate, was filth such this this.

    For Yue Yi to plead for death, would mean that he understood he had absolutely no hope to speak of at all. He must have realized what fate awaits his sister and he did not possess the power to save her from it, only seeking to disappear from this world to turn into a ferocious ghost, returning to claim lives.

    Ye Sha was pensive hearing Jun Wu Xie's words but Ye Gu just remained silent without a single word at the side.

    Ye Gu and Ye Jie were two souls in one body and although they were not regular siblings, the sibling bond between them was true as it could be. Hence, Ye Gu had naturally been able to understand the kind of despair Yue Yi was feeling.

    "As long as I make Yue Yi understand that by cooperating with me could fulfil his wish, why would he want to give up on this opportunity?" Jun Wu Xie said as she stared into the clear tea within her cup. This trip to the Pure Grace Palace, she had to have Yue Yi gain enough confidence.
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