Chapter 1665: “Let Me Infuriate Some People (1)”

    Chapter 1665: "Let Me Infuriate Some People (1)"

    It was extraordinarily lively and the Pure Grace Palace was teeming with activity. With the coming of the Palace Lord's birthday, the Twelve Palaces sent people forth to bring well wishes. In the past few days, an endless stream of guests bearing gifts and well wishes had been highly numerous which had the Pure Grace Palace overladen with many treasures. Every single palace made a show of gestures and no matter how much they plotted against each other behind the scenes, this was however a birthday celebration and they had naturally made a grand show of it.

    The Pure Grace Palace's hands almost went limp receiving the gifts and their faces fought to maintain a smile to welcome and settle the guests in, seemingly eager to play a good host.

    But in truth, things were not so.

    The Pure Grace Palace Lord who should have been seated within the main hall to await the mass of people coming to deliver their well wishes was holding a rather grave expression on his face at that moment.

    Several Elders were gathered within the study, the shade on their faces not looking too good.

    The various palaces had under the pretext of bringing well wishes, sent many of their young, talented and good looking disciples, seeking to show off the powers their younger generation held, which was a point that made the Pure Grace Palace unable to smile at at all.

    The Pure Grace Palace was in the bottom position among the Twelve Palaces and they had not been able to net themselves any youths that suited their fancy in the last Battle of Deities Grand Meet. Although they did recruit quite a number of people, but seeing before their eyes these most outstanding and brilliant youths who had been won by the other palaces, it stifled the Pure Grace Palace so much that they almost wanted to vomit out blood but were unable to do a thing about it.

    They had only managed to find a youth who possessed rather good gift after much hardship and they were all prepared to bring him back to the palace to properly groom him but before he even set foot into the Pure Grace Palace, that youth had because of his lust for the fairer sex, been beaten up so badly as to sustain severe injuries by a girl from the Dragon Slayers Palace. His injuries had been extremely severe and even after countless physicians had been invited in to treat him after he was brought back to the palace, the result had made them all helpless. The youth's cultivation meridians had been almost completely destroyed and wanting him to make a full recovery was almost something impossible.

    Only by inviting the Medical Saint Bai Xu could it be possible for them to turn things around. But Bai Xu was enigmatic and his whereabouts unknown. Nobody knows where to find him and the letters they sent had been like rocks thrown into the seas, who knew when this unfortunate scoundrel would even get his turn?

    And the main culprit that created this entire mess had just grandly come strutting in through the doors of the Pure Grace Palace following behind the Young Lord of the Dragon Slayers Palace, their faces overflowing with smiles.

    The disciples standing at the front of the Pure Grace Palace receiving the guests spotted a ravishing and moving "young lady" approaching them gracefully to hand them the invitation and they were suddenly stunned by the delicate and pretty looks, staring rather dazedly.

    The "young lady" beamed with a smile as "she" looked at the young Pure Grace Palace disciples and said: "The Dragon Slayers Palace's Fei Yan is here with our Young Lord to bring our well wishes for the Pure Grace Palace Lord's birthday."

    The mesmerized stare on the face of the Pure Grace Palace's disciple shattered under Fei Yan's smiling words, his face contorting up with disbelief and the eyes staring at Fei Yan became highly appalled!

    [Fei Yan?]

    [Isn't that the girl that had beaten up that disciple from their Pure Grace Palace highly severely?]

    The disciple from the Pure Grace Palace would not even in his dreams ever thought that Fei Yan would come here to the Pure Grace Palace so brusquely for the Palace Lord's birthday celebrations.

    Instead of saying they came here to send their well wishes..... it might be said that these guys were here to infuriate them!

    It must be known that the person Fei Yan thrashed up had been a seedling highly regarded by the Palace Lord and the Elders. But though the seedling had been good, but he had been "deflowered" and was wilting, still sickly and frail in a courtyard in the back where it took him great effort to even walk.

    Fei Yan's appearance had caused the people in the Pure Grace Palace to be unable to smile at all and the gazes they threw at Fei Yan turned strange, the strong enmity within their eyes couldn't be any more obvious.

    But someone was just seemingly completely oblivious to the other party's intense animosity as he beamed brightly at the bunch of the Pure Grace Palace's disciples, that brilliant smile when seen by the eyes of those disciples, becoming highly scorching and stinging.

    [Aren't these scoundrels here to find trouble with them?]
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