Chapter 1666: “Let Me Infuriate Some People (2)”

    Chapter 1666: "Let Me Infuriate Some People (2)"

    Although the Twelve Palaces were not harmonious deep at heart, but on the surface, they still took care to put on a superficial show of cohesion. It wasn't that there was no infighting behind the scenes, but despite fighting to one up each other, they all knew better than to invite gossip. At the very least, none would so blatantly send the chief culprit right up to the victim's birthday celebration!

    Wouldn't that just be spurning others?

    From what the Pure Grace Palace knew, Fei Yan's actions in the incident was almost certainly the Dragon Slayers Palace's idea.

    With Fei Yan's arrival at this moment, it just made the people from the Pure Grace Palace feel that the Dragon Slayers Palace had gone overboard in their bullying.

    But as their were too many other guests around, they did not think it right to openly go against them, so they could only stiffly smile and stand there to stare at Fei Yan.

    "Little Yan, is everything alright?" At that moment, a handsome faced young man walked slowly over, dressed in a full brocade robe, looking magnificent as his eyes looked straight at Fei Yan.

    Fei Yan mirthful eyes flashed briefly with a glint of ridicule before immediately turning his head to beam brightly at the man to say: "Young Lord, I do not know the reason why, but the Pure Grace Palace does not seem to really welcome us." As he spoke, Fei Yan lowered his head looking a little aggrieved, his eyes slowly looking forlorn.

    The man creased up his brows and his eyes glinted with displeasure. But it was not directed at Fei Yan but towards the disciples of the Pure Grace Palace.

    "I am Zhuge Yin from the Dragon Slayers Palace, and I am here unders my father's orders to bring well wishes for the Palace Lord's birthday. May I know if there is anything about this that displeases any of you?" Zhu Ge Yin said in a seemingly gentle voice, but there was a tinge of hardness in his tone.

    When the Pure Grace Palace's disciples heard Zhuge Yin announcing his family name, they immediately felt a chill down their backs.

    Zhuge Yin was the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord's only son!

    Although they were a little flippant towards Fei Yan, but faced with the Young Lord of the Dragon Slayers Palace, they did not dare show the slightest lack of manners.

    "Of course not, of course not! Please come in." A disciple of the Pure Grace Palace's discreetly wiped off the beads of cold sweat upon his brow, hurrying in a fluster to welcome the guest inside.

    Zhuge Yin nodded his head slightly, his eyes exhibiting a slight haughtiness as he turned his head to Fei Yan and said: "Little Yan, we can go in now."

    "Yes, Young Lord." Fei Yan nodded obediently.

    The Dragon Slayers Palace had sent a total of about seven or eight people and Zhuge Yin was the leader of the delegation. Zhuge Yin had shown extra care and concern towards Fei Yan from the beginning and the other disciples of the Dragon Slayers Palace had seen it with their eyes, but had naturally not dared to say anything about it.

    "Little Yan, there is no need for you to feel any guilt. The Pure Grace Palace are not strict in their discipline which had then produced such scoundrels. Do not be aggrieved and you can rest assured that I will definitely seek justice for you." Zhuge Yin said in a highly concerned voice as he looked at Fei Yan walking beside him. From what he saw, Fei Yan had been too soft with the people from the Pure Grace Palace and that shouldn't be the way.

    But thinking back about it, a pretty little thing like that should be protected by people, so Zhuge Yin was highly pleased with Fei Yan's "demure" demeanor.

    "Young Lord, I don't think you need to..... We are here this time to bring well wishes and if any trouble starts because of me, the people from the Pure Grace Palace might not let the matter rest easily. If they come to harm the Young Lord, I really wouldn't know what to do." Fei Yan said with his head lowered, biting down nervously on his lip, the perfect portrayal of one who suffered a grave injustice.

    The look, made Zhuge Yin's heart thump wildly. If not for the fact that the location wasn't right, he would wish for nothing more than to wrap Fei Yan into his arms to protect and soothe "her" properly.

    "Harm me? The Pure Grace Palace? Would they even possess the guts to do that? Anything that happens, I am here. You do not have to worry at all. Just don't let yourself suffer any aggrievement. I will redress the injustice for you." Upon saying that, Zhuge Yin's hand subconsciously moved, thinking to go around Fei Yan's shoulder, to "properly comfort" the young lady.

    In the end, right at that very moment.....

    "PFFT! !"
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