Chapter 1667: “Let Me Infuriate Some People (3)”

    Chapter 1667: "Let Me Infuriate Some People (3)"

    In the end, right at that very moment.....

    "PFFT! !"

    A spray of water sprayed right onto Zhuge Yin's body, leaving countless droplets of water stains upon his lavish clothes.

    Zhuge Yin's face immediately changed in an instant, as he immediately turned his head to see who dared to show him such disrespect.

    His eyes turned to see a handsome specimen of a youth, who was patting himself hard on the chest as he coughed, the corners of his mouth suspiciously wet with the gleam of water as he held a empty cup in his hand.

    "Sorry sorry! I choked on the water! Don't mind it!" Seeing Zhuge Yin's gaze sweeping upon him, the youth immediately raised his hands up clasped together in apology, and the other few youths standing next to the youth were standing there looking slightly awkward, with similarly apologetic expressions on their faces as they looked at Zhuge Yin.

    Zhuge Yin felt like he was going to lose his cool but he then saw the uniforms the several youths were wearing, and they were coincidentally that of the Flame Demons Palace's.

    Although the might of the Dragon Slayers Palace was positioned towards the front among the Twelve Palaces, but they were not able to overtake the Flame Demons Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace. Even Zhuge Yin would be unwilling to get into a dispute with people from the Flame Demons Palace in such an open location. Moreover, with his powers, he was actually unable to ascertain the power level of the youth who had spurted the water, making it obvious that that person's power was above his. Zhuge Yin secretly pushed down his rage and put on a feigned gentle voice to say: "It's alright, it's only some water."

    "Err....." The youth who spurted the water laughed rather awkwardly. "Apologies, when I drank the water, I was also eating something..... so....."

    Zhuge Yin's face changed a shade and he immediately looked down at his clothes. Alas, there were some chewed up bits of fruit stuck to his clothes and they looked horrendously disgusting.

    "Young Lord, maybe you should go change first. The Pure Grace Palace has already arranged living quarters for us." A disciple from the Dragon Slayers Palace saw that Zhuge Yin's expression did not look right and he quickly stepped forward to switch the topic.

    A corner of Zhuge Yin's mouth twitched as he fought to suppress the urge to strangle the offending party, before he nodded his head silently.

    "Little Yan, I'll leave the rest to you to deal with." Upon saying that, Zhuge Yin then stepped away quickly in departure.

    Expecting him to wear those clothes for another moment, was completely he would not be able to bear.

    The Dragon Slayers Palace disciple immediately followed behind.

    The youth who had earlier been impetuous then scratched at his head as he gazed sheepishly with a foolish grin on his face at Fei Yan who had remained behind by herself.

    "Apologies, about that..... I had better follow you to go apologize to your Young Lord." The youth said slightly embarrassed.

    Fei Yan looked at him a moment and then nodded his head.

    "You guys just wait here for a while, I'll come back here after offering an apology." Upon saying that, the youth then walked off with Fei Yan, leaving the sight of the others.

    Within the bustling main hall, no one noticed where they had really gone to.

    Away from  the noisy crowds, Fei Yan led the youth to walk to a remote corner, and after making sure that there was no one around them, Fei Yan turned his face around with his arms crossed over his chest, the gentleness and his smile disappearing from his face completely, his expression replace by one of disdain.

    "Dumb Qiao, you had better dig out whatever you saw earlier out from your mind or I will not mind pulling out two of your teeth."

    The one who had spurted water all over Zhuge Yin had not been anyone else but Qiao Chu who was representing the Flame Demons Palace to bring well wishes to this birthday celebration.

    Fei Yan had just finished speaking those words when Qiao Chu could not hold back the urge within him to suddenly break out in a loud guffaw as he clutched at his stomach.

    "HAHAHA! Little Yan..... Oww..... It's so funny..... I had not known..... You can actually pretend to such an extent..... I swear..... Even putting our Little Xie and Little Ruo together, they wouldn't be as feminine as you at all."
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