Chapter 1668: “Let Me Infuriate Some People (4)”

    Chapter 1668: "Let Me Infuriate Some People (4)"

    Qiao Chu almost couldn't breathe from all that laughing. He wouldn't have even dreamed that immediately upon reaching the Pure Grace Palace, he would be able to see such a brilliant scene beyond compare.

    Only the Heavens knew, the first moment his eyes saw Fei Yan, his jaws almost dropped to the ground in shock.

    Who could have told him that the uncouth brute who always hung him up to give him a thrashing would be able to so accurately portray himself as a bumbling and bashful little lass? If Qiao Chu did not know Fei Yan so well, even if you were to beat him to death, he would never be able to believe that this could be true.

    Qiao Chu was bellowing with guffaws without being able to restrain himself and Fei Yan's face turned darker and darker, his eyes narrowing dangerously, resisting the strong urge rising within to strangle this dumb rascal to death.

    "Oh my, I can't anymore. My tears are just absolutely flowing. Little Yan, oh Little Yan..... I think that Young Lord from the Dragon Slayers Palace has been completely mesmerized topsy turvy by you. You had better be careful to not frighten people too badly..... Hahaha....." The moment he recalled the scene he saw earlier, at the moment Zhuge Yin was going to take advantage of Fei Yan, he just found it so absolutely hilarious he could not stop laughing.

    If that had happened into a normal situation, Fei Yan would have treated him to a big knuckle sandwich. However, he still had to continue with his act now, to put up a bashful and shy front, which almost made Qiao Chu's eyes pop out when he saw it.

    Fortunately, Qiao Chu had still had a little bit of conscience, as when he saw the hidden displeasure boiling within Fei Yan, he had spurted out that mouthful at a highly timely moment. Otherwise, he did not dare imagine whether Fei Yan would blow, and pummel that Zhuge Yin into carrying a pig's head around.

    "Are you done laughing yet?" Fei Yan asked a little impatiently with his brows creased together. He did not think that he was doing anything inappropriate with all that he had done, but letting Qiao Chu catch him in the act and laughing so hysterically, really made his fists itch.

    "Not..... Ahem, I'm done." Qiao Chu had intended to carry on ridiculing his companion for a while more but when he saw Fei Yan with his fists tightly clenched, he immediately swallowed all his laughter back down into his abdomen, fighting his hardest to put on a stoic front.

    "I'll say Little Yan, since we've already come here to the Pure Grace Palace, that scene would surely be often seen in the days ahead. You've got to at least let me get used to it right?" Qiao Chu said with a smile.

    There was one point that Qiao Chu really admired Fei Yan for.

    And that was no matter what kind of request was made of him, Fei Yan would be able to perfectly play out the character.

    Regardless whether it was to be a distinguished Young Master, or a pretty and adorable young lass, Fei Yan would be able to imitate those perfectly.

    That was also one of the main reasons that Fei Yan was able to gather the most critical of information in anyplace.

    At least on that point, Qiao Chu was unable to do it. Even having come to the Flame Demons Palace, he was just playing a role as himself.

    Just not as dumb that's all.

    Fei Yan couldn't be bothered to pay Qiao Chu any attention.

    But Qiao Chu's appearance had reminded Fei Yan, that though he didn't really mind being seen acting like this, and he couldn't really be bothered with others seeing his do it. But if Rong Ruo came to see that.....

    Fei Yan suddenly felt his head start to ache.

    To have Zhuge Ying come get close to her, had been something that Fei Yan had seeked to happen intentionally. Afterall, in order to incite the flames of battle to burn between the Dragon Slayers Palace and the Pure Grace Palace, would not be something that he who had just joined the palace not too long ago would be able to achieve.

    Borrowing the help of Zhuge Yin as the Young Lord, would make things a whole lot easier.

    But Fei Yan had merely smiled at Zhuge Yin a few times and flattered him with a few words which had already gained Zhuge Yin's attention to be fixed upon her. Against those thought Zhuge Yin harboured, Fei Yan had naturally had a certain level of confidence. Even if Qiao Chu had not made a move earlier, he would not have allowed Zhuge Yin to have his way.

    "And Little Yan, there is something..... I think I should tell you about." Qiao Chu said looking at Fei Yan.


    "When I was drinking water earlier, I had seemingly spotted Little Xie....."
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