Chapter 1669: “Seemingly Met Before (1)”

    Chapter 1669: "Seemingly Met Before (1)"

    "Little Xie? You're sure you saw it correctly?" Fei Yan asked in surprise.

    Qiao Chu rubbed at his nose and said: "I would think so. Although her looks have changed, but with that pair of eyes, beat me to death and I will not mistake them for anyone else's. Moreover..... I do not think Ye Sha's and Ye Gu's mannerisms and demeanor could be emulated by anyone that easily."

    If he had only seen one person who looked like it could have Jun Wu Xie, Qiao Chu might not be that confident. But he had obviously seen among the other three people with the one suspected to be Jun Wu Xie, two of them possessing mannerisms and demeanor highly similar to Ye Sha and Ye Gu, then he knew he could not be wrong.

    Fei Yan narrowed his eyes and the corners of his mouth curled up into a evil smile. If Jun Wu Xie had come here in person, the birthday banquet this time would definitely turn to become absolutely fabulous!

    The two of them spoke for a while more and then dispersed, acting like they did not know each other at all.

    Inside the Pure Grace Palace, it was just bustling with activity. All the groups from the Twelve Palaces coming to attend the birthday banquet had seemingly all arrived. A scattering of the other smaller powers were also present who did not even dare to utter a word before the powerful Twelve Palaces.

    Gu XIn Yan came walking into the main hall under the warm reception of the Pure Grace Palace's disciples, with just a faint smile on her pretty and and clear features, polite and distant. The noisy surroundings made her feel a little impatient but she could only suppress it while she stood among them, to smile and chat with them a little.

    Among the crowd of a myriad mix, Gu Xin Yan's gaze swept over the mass of people, but when her gaze met a pair of cold clear eyes, she could not help but be momentarily taken aback.

    That pair of eyes had turned away quickly, but that had been enough to drive a chill into Gu Xin Yan's heart, a chill that instead ignited a suppressed fire inside, causing her breathing to become more rapid.

    [Jun Wu?]

    Gu Xin Yan could not believe her own eyes. She seemed to have seen a familiar figure within the crowd. Her gaze involuntarily seeked to follow that person and she did not even hear a single word said by the Pure Grace Palace's disciple beside her.

    "What are you looking for?" A voice tinged with mirth suddenly rang out beside Gu Xin Yan's ears.

    Gu Xin Yan was startled slightly and she quickly retracted the emotions in her eyes, to turn her head around calmly, as she looked at Gu Ying beside her.

    On this trip to the Pure Grace Palace, Gu Yi had sent Gu Ying to come together, but the siblings had not conversed much throughout the journey.

    "Nothing." Gu Xin Yan subconsciously hid what she was thinking. Without knowing exactly why, the danger she felt from Gu Ying always made her want to wipe away any trace of Jun Wu from Gu Ying's line of sight, not wishing for Gu Ying to even notice that such a person existed.

    Gu Ying looked at Gu Xin Yan's expression who was pretending to be calm and the corners of his mouth toying with the hint of mirth but he did not probe any further. How could he have possibly missed that brief flash of emotions in Gu Xin Yan's eyes earlier?

    Gu Xin Yan's eyes narrowed up slightly and he swept them across the squeezy crowd of people, attempting to find something from among them.

    But inside the Pure Grace Palace's main hall, with the sheer number of people who had come to attend the banquet, people who had been standing in that area had already been washed away by the moving tide of people, making it impossible for him to find any clue at all.

    Gu Xin Yan noticed Gu Ying's eyes searching through the crowd and anxiety immediately rose within her heart making her quickly say: "I'm tired and will like to go rest. I'll just leave the matters here to Big Brother to handle."

    "Alright." Gu Ying said as he lifted an eyebrow, but the smile on his face did not reduce in the least.

    Gu Xin Yan's smile on the other hand, was a little forced as she left the main hall being led by a disciple of the Pure Grace Palace, to walk towards the guest quarters.

    The Pure Grace Palace Lord's birthday banquet would last for ten days and within these ten days, the people here to attend the banquet would be staying in the Pure Grace Palace.
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