Chapter 1671: “Seemingly Met Before (3)”

    Chapter 1671: "Seemingly Met Before (3)"

    In order to avoid being exposed, Jun Wu Xie needed to remind Zi Jin of a few things. Afterall, with the kind of personality Zi Jin possessed, when they were merely impersonating themselves as the Shadow Moon Palace's disciples to come into the Pure Grace Palace, she had already been almost overcome with nerves. If she were to slip up in anyway in the upcoming ten days, it would be no joking matter.

    "Huh? Then..... then how should I address you?" Zi Jin asked.

    "Just call me Fifth Junior will do." Jun Wu Xie was too lazy to think too much into it and just changed the intonation of the "Wu" in her name to change the meaning to five, which would still be read as "Wu", but just in a different tone.

    Zi Jin nodded her head obediently.

    "Here in the Pure Grace Palace, you do not need to do anything, but just watch quietly." Jun Wu Xie said.

    "Alright." Zi Jin agreed quickly, but giving it another thought, she could not help but ask: "Jun..... Erm..... Fifth Junior, what are you planning to do during the birthday banquet?"

    Although Zi Jin believed in Jun Wu Xie's abilities, but she still could not make herself imagine anyone who would be able to stir up a storm right under the eyes of the Twelve Palaces here together. Just what was Jun Wu going to do to get the final result he seeked?

    Jun Wu Xie lifted her eyes slowly and said: "You just watch and see."

    "Orh....." Zi Jin stuttered when Jun Wu swept that chilly gaze over her, her heart skipping a beat and the thoughts in her mind went chaotic, completely forgetting what it was she wanted to ask.

    After just a while, she was then invited to go by Jun Wu.

    Zi Jin's front foot had just stepped out when the figure of Ye Sha appeared within Jun Wu Xie's room.

    "Young Miss."


    "All the groups from the Twelve Palaces coming to attend the birthday banquet have arrived and after some investigation, your subordinate has compiled a list of names of the people from the various palaces who are here for your perusal." It was not known when Ye Sha had probed into all the teams from the Twelve Palaces completely and he was now delivering the namelist of their members he had written down into Jun Wu Xie's hands.

    Jun Wu Xie scanned through the list quickly and her eyes then flashed with understanding.

    For this birthday banquet, Qiao Chu and the others had all come without a single one of them missing and the various palaces had sent out quite a number of their more talented disciples. The most prominent ones and heavily weighted among the palaces were the Blood Fiend Palace and the Dragon Slayers Palace.

    The Blood Fiend Palace had sent both their two Young Lordlings and the Dragon Slayers Palace had similarly sent their Palace Lord's only son to the birthday banquet.

    Jun Wu Xie's gaze paused slightly upon the line with Dragon Slayers Palace Young Lord's name, Zhuge Yin and her eyes flashed with an evil glint.

    Know your enemy well to win every battle. Since she had come all the way here, it was natural that she would disrupt the superficial facade of stability among the Twelve Palaces.

    "Where's Ye Gu?" Jun Wu Xie asked as she held the piece of parchment over the burning candle, as she watched the flame engulf it a little by little.

    "Under the Young Miss' orders, the boss is watching the activities within the Pure Grace Palace. When your subordinate was returning here, I went to take a look and according to what he said, the Pure Grace Palace Lord and his Elders seem to be in a secret discussion about this birthday banquet, and they were not exactly happy about it." Ye Sha said, reporting all that he had heard.

    With the power Ye Gu possessed, no matter where to went to, it was almost impossible for anyone to detect his presence. The might of the Commander in Chief of the Night Regime, was second only to the Dark Emperor, and not to mention this was merely the Pure Grace Palace, even if he went to the Flame Demons Palace Lord's bedroom to eavesdrop, there would still be nobody who would be able to detect his presence.

    Hence, for spying tasks such as this, it was most suitable that it was handed over to Ye Gu.

    Jun Wu Xie supported her chin in her palm and her eyes were clear when she asked: "Unhappy? It is only natural that they would find no joy in this. The Pure Grace Palace stands at the bottom rungs among the Twelve Palaces and though it the Palace Lord's birthday and they have received quite a number of gifts, but everywhere the eye sees, the place is filled with the elites of the younger generation from the other palaces. Thinking back to the disciple they had recently lost, how could they possibly feel any joy?"
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