Chapter 1672: “Seemingly Met Before (4)”

    Chapter 1672: "Seemingly Met Before (4)"

    Though termed as a birthday banquet, it became an event where the Twelve Palaces showed off their might, where it became a shrunk replica of their hierarchy of power. The Pure Grace Palace had not been able to net themselves many talents possessing much gift in the last Battle of Deities Grand Meet, and they had also lost a disciple when the disciples were on their way back from the Cloudy Brook Academy. Seeing the other palaces sending so many young and highly promising youths here to attend the birthday banquet.....

    Instead of saying they came here to deliver well wishes, it might rather be said they came here to infuriate the Pure Grace Palace further.

    The fact that the Pure Grace Palace Lord and the Elders had not thrown everyone out with their faces grim was already the greatest show of magnaminty.

    Moreover, among the attendees of this birthday banquet, there was also Fei Yan whom the Pure Grace Palace had a grudge with.

    Without even needing to think, it was clear to see that the Pure Grace Palace would be highly aggrieved.

    "Even though that's the case, when does Young Miss intends to strike?" Ye Sha asked.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head slowly.

    "No rush. There's still ten days. We have lots of time to play with them slowly."

    Ye Sha did not question anymore and silently disappeared from the room.


    In the evening, the Pure Grace Palace held a banquet for all the well wishers who had come. The youths who had been wearied from their journeys after having rested for an afternoon came in more jovial and with more colour on their faces.

    Because it was just a welcome dinner, the Pure Grace Palace Lord would not attend, but was merely represented by an Elder of the palace.

    The banquet was divided at two ends, with the disciples of the Twelve Palaces sitting in the front rows and the further back it went, it meant that the weaker they were in might.

    In the Middle Realm, situations where such clear demarcations of the hierarchy of power was highly common, it was a constant reminder to those people of their standing.

    Those from the weaker powers, had already been seated within the banquet hall much earlier, to chat with each other as each grasped at any opportunity they could to rope in any talents. Meanwhile, the disciples from the Twelve Palaces came in slowly, clustered in their own groups and not showing any intention to speak much with people from other powers.

    "Those are the people from the Flame Demons Palace?"

    "That's them all right. I heard that the Flame Demons Palace won themselves an incredible youth in the last Battle of Deities Grand Meet. At a very young age and he has already attained the Purple Spirit's third stage. Whew..... With such powers, I would think that it wouldn't be long before he would be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Flame Demon Palace's Elders."

    "Just in his teens..... and already at the third stage of the Purple Spirit? What kind of a monster is that?"

    "Shh! Don't you want your life? That youth is here representing the Flame Demons Palace to attend the birthday banquet. If he hears you, you won't be keeping your life for much longer!"

    A bunch of men sat gossiping excitedly at the back end, their eyes gazing enviously at the youths coming in slowly who were dressed in the uniforms of the Flame Demons Palace. The Flame Demons Palace, had for a very long time been the hotshot among the Twelve Palaces till the Flame Demons Palace had for some unknown reason quickly lost two of their Elders in succession where the Blood Fiend Palace which had been enduring silently just behind suddenly leapt out, which brought about this situation where two ferocious tigers competed fiercely.

    The Twelve Palaces, in the eyes of the people in the Middle Realm, were just too highly revered for them to reach. To even want to be admitted into the Twelve Palaces, even the weakest palace among them all, would be impossible if one did not possess some bit of ability.

    Even if they were to randomly pick out any one of the disciples from this weakest Pure Grace Palace here, and placed within any of the powers the gossiping men belonged to, the disciple would be a highly precious and treasured talent.

    Right after the group of youths from the Flame Demons Palace arrived, the people from the Blood Fiend Palace came walking in right after.

    And among that group of people, the one that attracted the most attention was the one dress in full white, the highly beautiful Gu Xin Yan.

    Gu Xin Yan possessed highly outstanding looks and she had also been carefully groomed by Gu Yi from a very young age, the noble and elegant air around her was not something any regular beauty could hope to compare to.

    Gu Xin Yan had just walked into the main hall and she had immediately attracted everyone's attention. Some people had even started discussing in hushed whispers whether Gu Xin Yan's looks could bear the title of being the Greatest Beauty of the Twelve Palaces.
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