Chapter 1673: “Fallen Flowers Might Pine, The Flowing Waters Merciless (1)”

    Chapter 1673: "Fallen Flowers Might Pine, The Flowing Waters Merciless (1)"

    Towards the mesmerized gazes and the words of praise, Gu Xin Yan seemed to be completely unaffected as she walked slowly to her own seat.

    Gu Ying had been been walking at Gu Xin Yan's side and he had naturally not missed all the stolen glances cast upon Gu Xin Yan which just made the smile upon his handsome features deepen further, as his mirth filled eyes swept over the males hiding in the corner who whispering in hushed voices.

    It was just one sweeping glance, but it drove chills into those people, not knowing why such a brilliant smile could possibly make them feel so much fear.

    "I really feel like gouging their eyes out." Gu Ying whispered softly as he took the seat beside Gu Xin Yan.

    Gu Xin Yan's spine froze and she looked at Gu Ying with her brows creased.

    "Why not I pull out those filthy tongues of theirs as well as a gift to you?" Gu Ying seemed like he had not noticed Gu Xin Yan's displeasure at all as he said with a bright smile.

    Gu Xin Yan's face paled slightly and she then said in a low and suppressed voice: "Father said we are not to stir up any trouble."

    Gu Ying gave a low laugh and replied: "It shall be as you command, my obedient Young Miss."

    The pitch of his voice rose slightly, though said in a somewhat joking manner, it made Gu Xin Yan feel entirely uncomfortable and she turned her head away, not wishing to speak with Gu Ying anymore.

    Gu Ying did not mind it in the slightest as he just went on to slowly pick up the fine wine on the table to drink leisurely.

    Zhuge Yin and Fei Yan stepped into the main hall at the same time, the pretty Fei Yan immediately garnering quite a bit of attention from the crowd. Although he was not as ravishing or mesmerizing as Gu Xin Yan, he was still highly adorable and pretty, without Gu Xin Yan's haughty and distant traits, and more lovably obedient. Moreover, he possessed a tall and slender frame, standing next to Zhuge Yin, they were the same height, that slim figure infatuating a good number of hearts.

    Zhuge Yin was secretly feeling gleeful inside. Fei Yan was a member of their Dragon Slayers Palace and he already had the intention to take her. All those adoring looks and words of praise to him were merely the envy of others.

    Walking around while leading such an outstanding girl at his side, it just further exemplified his might.

    But very soon, Zhuge Yin's gaze was quickly attracted to Gu Xin Yan who was seated quietly on one side.

    He had only met Gu Xin Yan once when they were very young and his memory from that age was already a little fuzzy. Meeting once again, Gu Xin Yan had already bloomed into a great beauty, that ravishing and moving countenance immediately causing Zhuge Yin to be unable to take his eyes off her.

    Without even having taken his seat, Zhuge Yin was already making his own way towards the direction Gu Xin Yan was in.

    "Might this lady be Little Sister Xin Yan?" Zhuge Yin asked with feigned surprise as he looked at Gu Xin Yan.

    Gu Xin Yan was slightly taken aback and as she raised her head to see Zhuge Yin, her eyes were filled with puzzlement. She could see that the other party was dressed in the Dragon Slayers Palace's uniform but his face was highly unfamiliar.

    "And you are?"

    Zhuge Yin's manner was easy and unrestrained as he laughed to say: "I'm afraid Little Sister Xin Yan must have forgotten about me. I am Zhuge Yin. My father once brought me to play at the Blood Fiend Palace when I was much younger and I had the affinity to meet Little Sister Xin Yan then. But as we have not met again after so long and we've now both grown up, it's perfectly normal that Little Sister Xin Yan would not remember me."

    Hearing Zhuge Yin uttering "Little Sister Xin Yan" with every sentence he said, Fei Yan beside him felt his skin crawl horrendously with goosebumps, but he had to forced himself to maintain a smile as he stood there.

    Gu Xin Yan's expression was also a little unnatural. Although she now knew the other party's identity, but she did not feel that she was all that close to Zhuge Yin at all.

    "Is that right? Then we've not met for a really long time." No matter how uncomfortable she was feeling inside, Gu Xin Yan's good upbringing still led her to maintain a polite smile on her face.

    Although the Dragon Slayers Palace's might was inferior to the Blood Fiend Palace, it wasn't really all that far off.
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